Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Deck of Pain – 7-Card Stud







Aye!  Four PAX gathered at #dogpile for what was potentially miserable weather (34 and rain), but it ended up holding out.  YHC did all that he possibly could to keep the PAX dry, and succeeded….until the unseen puddle on the stairs of the Dell.  Today’s focus was more on cardio than any particular muscle group, but considering that the Deck of Pain was in play, the burn depended on the draw.  Total mileage was about 3.0 miles.  So, with the shovel flag firmly planted, we headed out for the workout.


Mosey over to the front of the Carillon:
25 x SSH
20 x Windmills

Mosey down to the Pump House park.
30 x dips w/ partner – but the first challenge was getting up to the railing.

Mosey over to the old paved trail, and up to the circle, then the pull-up bars
Max + 5 supported pull-ups
Max + 5 supported chin-ups
Max + 5 supported commandos

Mosey over to the stage of the Dell.  And out comes the Deck of Pain.
In partners, each team drew a card.  They had to complete 50 reps of the exercise as a team, then run out of the Dell and around the circle (about .20mi with a nice uphill).  Come back, and draw your next card.  7-card stud = 7 rounds, no breaks.
2 – Merkins
3 – Derkins
4 – Dive Bombers
5 – Up-Up-Down-Down (Plank to Push-ups)
6 – Atomic Sit-ups
7 – Ankle Reachers
8 – Power Lunges
9 – Freddie Mercury
10 – Whoops, forgot this one….did LBCs
J – Squat Thrusts
Q – Squat Jumps
K – Burpees
A – Choice!
Joker – Select any exercise for another team and draw again.

Mosey on back to the shovel flag for the COT.


Swirly and Brain Tumor won the hand with a straight.  Conspiracy and Fudd came up with 2-pair.

Brain Tumor came close to a flying EH this morning when he saw a non-PAX sitting in the car at the AO.  Turns out he was waiting for one of those paid workout groups.  The joke’s on him.

TClaps to Swirly for hitting every workout this week.  He’s working hard and it shows.  Heck of a job today on those hills.

Fudd was looking forward to a workout with Toga this morning, but apparently the tug of the fartsack was pretty strong this morning.  Rumor has it that Toga was “up late last night.”  We’re awaiting a better explanation.

Toga wasn’t the only one missing.  Cousteau must be lost at sea.  Two weeks in a row without a post from him after confirmations the prior days.

The PAX was looking mighty strong as we continue to explore the new AO.  Lots of possibilities!


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  1. Man heck of a workout conspiracy – my legs are spent!
    Gotta give a shout out to Brain Tumor for carrying are team – well done dude !
    Many thanks to the PAX for all the encouragement and support as I tried my best to keep up with y’all.
    Think I’ll have a slice of pizza and a brew now while I simultaneously massage my legs…

  2. The rumors were very true. I was up very late and would have only had a few hrs sleep and not so great a disposition had I made an appearance. Thanks for noting my absence, and I’ll make it up next week. It does sound like a good time was had, so I’m sorry I missed the card game.

  3. Great workout. Those incline runs were a sweet beatdown. Swirly, you continue to impress. Keep it up! I’m glad that no one flipped off the bridge into the river.