Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Artful Run


4 MEN posted this am for the Weekly Run.


Run around Mary Munford (RAMM) to Grove Ave, turn left, Run to Three Chopt, and Run back to Shovel Flag on Grove, the Regular route.



Running the Regular route seemed longer than normal to YHC.  Toga appeared to have extra energy this morning,  as we passed a runner on the return to the SF, Toga exclaimed,( COME WORKOUT WITH US 5:30 ON THURSDAYS AT MARY MUNFORD) a super flying headlock!  At that point in the run(actually the entire run) Swirly and YHC were focused on just breathing and running.  Clearly a long run for Swirly and YHC, but a short run for Toga.  The Scream was trying to ask five word questions to keep his breath and let Toga conversationalize(not sure that’s a word, but it should be: when a weaker runner is trying to engage the stronger runner in elaborate answers to short questions) the run.

When YHC arrived at the AO,  I pulled in behind a car that had “PAUL 5” on the Plate,  I thought to myself, “TYA doesn’t have personalized plates.”  then Swirly got out of the car and explained that his car was in the shop.  Swirly, if you keep your attendance up at this pace, you won’t need a car, you will be able to run everywhere!

Before the run began the Scream was informing us that his F3 art creation was still in the mental phase.  His normal job of teaching art was consuming most of his time and getting in the way of creating art for F3;  He asked the PAX today if we had any inspiring ideas.  Toga had been racking his brain for the Best Symbol of RVA,  while YHC starting running through ideas;  River city, Capitol city, RVA etc;  which Toga pointed out are hard to symbolize.  Toga said that Monument Ave would be a good symbol; but he wasn’t sure how to capture that in an image,  YHC suggested “perhaps the Monuments might work.”  Not sure anyone appreciates my artistic or creative ability /or perhaps the lack thereof.

As we were coming back there was a group of men and women working out in our AO,  Toga was wondering if this was one of the radical factions of the former Navy Seal Team units that went Rogue a few years ago.  Further investigation will be needed,  but with the weather Sunny and 70, more groups are sure to emerge for more opportunities for #EH -ing.

Post Workout,  YHC ran into Snowden, who looked somewhat deflated, He’s been focused on more Skiing and less on F3,  I am certain he will return once Ski season wraps up, and he’ll become a Kotter.

I got a small preview of LugNut’s workout at Gridiron tomorrow,  I think there will be some form of Racing involved.  Can you check air pressure in a Nike Air or take a little wedge out to help me turn better?

Next Workouts

DogPile 0600 tomorrow 1-24

Gridiron 0700 tomorrow 1-24

noToll 0530 Tuesday 1-27

45 Minutes of Mary 0530 1-29






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  1. That’s a very hefty moleskin to complement a short workout recap. Well done! I tired to EH one of Kebab’s buddies at the BrewThru as he said he was more of a runner. I suggested he show up for Fridays and eventually help us get a speed workout going.

  2. I started to read this moleskin around lunch and have just finished. Bleeder, you may have missed your calling. There’s a best-seller in you somewhere! Sorry I missed you guys, needed to save up for tomorrow’s pain!

  3. LOVE the video. Watched twice. Yes @Bleeder @Lugnut had a spring in his step today. It was tough!