Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The DirtyMacDeuce Draws Crowds to #Notoll


MacDeuceFifteen of the Faithful and one FNG (Flintstone) posted bright and early on a chilly midwinter morning at Huguenot Park.  Lugnut planted a shovel flag near the basketball court, and Jville took Q.


Mosey near entrance of park.  Quick Disclaimer.

50x SSH
30x Hillibillies
15x Merkins
30x LBC

Double Applesause back to soccer field near lighted parking area for a DIRTY MACDEUCE along these lines:

12x mountain climbers
12x werkins
12x jump squats

Bear crawl then sprint to back corner of soccer fields.

12x Lt. Dan
12x Peter Parker
12x thrusts

Crab walk then sprint to other back corner of soccer fields.

12x merkins
12x Wilson’s wife (OYO)
12x burpees

Bear crawl then sprint to front of soccer fields.
Planks, then mosey to bleachers.

12x dips on bleachers (single count)
12x derkins on bleachers
12x step-ups on bleachers (OYO)


20x bicycles
20x dolleys
30x LBCs
20x rosalitas

Mosey to SF


The morning was cold and wet, and the soccer fields were covered with a frozen crust, beneath which was a squishy layer of frigid mud.  FNG Flinstone learned the importance of bringing gloves to midwinter F3 workouts.  We directed him to the nearest hospital for treatment, and the doctors think they can save most of his fingers.  Welcome to F3, Flinstone!

The smack talk at @F3Richmond has reached nearly epidemic proportions, even without the meister of smack talk, Conspiracy.  For example, during the garden-variety disclaimer, nearly all agreed that Johnsonville is NOT a professional trainer. Jville then took to dealing out extreme Hillbillies in case there was any doubt remaining about his professional credentials.  Later, when Jville was asked to demonstrate the thurst, Toga advised the PAX not to do it like Jville, but to actually bend one’s legs at least a little.

Swirley deserves a call out for appearing at his fourth F3 workout in the 5 days since he first posted to #45MOM as a doe-eyed FNG.  Way to #redpill Swirley! Show us how it’s done!


“If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.”  — C. S. Lewis

— Johnsonville

@F3Richmond Events to Look Forward to:
1800 Wednesday — Progressive pub crawl
0530 Thursday — #45MOM
0530 Friday — #RAMM
0600 Saturday — #Dogpile
0700 Saturday — #Gridiron




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  1. Well done Johnsonville, great workout this am. Appreciate the shout out and the encouragement fella’s – full throttle !

  2. Tough workout! Really enjoyed the nice softness under the crusty shell. Reminded me of that hard shell ice cream!

  3. @TYA, were you not there? I didn’t notice.
    @Jville, solid work and a good change to mix things up

  4. @Johnsonville , Great workout! I am sure your “legal disclaimer” practice will sky rocket soon!

    Yankee Aggressor, Jville did about half his SSH’s today in TYA style, Have you been coaching him on the side?

  5. It was unusual not having TYA at an F3 workout. His balls must have been slightly deflated.