Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Get them to the Greek


11 posted for the first official #DogPile workout, and fun was had by all.  Here’s how it went:


Warm-up : Split jumps/Ball Dippers, Clerkins, Mtn Climbers, Sprinters, Don Quixotes

Mosey to valley behind amphitheater for the new  Burt Reynold series of 10-4s

  1. Bear Crawl up hill then do 10 merkins, repeat 4x
  2. Mosey to amphitheater, run up steps then do 10 burpees, repeat 4x
  3. Mosey to Carillon, run steps and and do 10 sit-ups, repeat 4x
  4. Mosey to bars behind the Carillon for 10 pull-ups and 10 sprinters, repeat 3x, then 10 dips followed by 10 sprinters

Mosey to lawn in front of the Carillon

  1. 1 arc loader
  2. 1 reverse arc loader (sprint first half then lunges)
  3. Football drills (mtn climbers with rolls on command)

Mosey to COT

Moleskin:  YHC likes this AO, A LOT!  It’s got a lot to offer, and we’re going to have some fun here.  There is also a well known fact that Burt Reynolds is the greatest living actor.  His stature led me to this idea for a fun little workout series.  Let the joking begin…

It should be noted that I have witnessed Chum Bucket be on time for 3 workouts this week.  That is a record, and it could be a sign of the coming apocalypse.  Conspiracy decided to fill in with his standard #LIFO but then proceeded to smoke everyone #steroids.  We also welcomed Fudd back to the ranks (Kotter and LIFO), and YHC expects to see more of him in the PAX.

Lastly, the SEAL Team Workout crew was getting ready to start their workout as we were circling up for the COT.  We gave an enthusiastic “good morning,” and several noted the looks we were getting from that workout’s founder.  It may be the only time we’ll be able to say that we made a former SEAL a bit nervous.


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  1. Well Done Toga, and all of the pax! I have swallowed the red pill and am an accelerating man… See y’all Tuesday AM.

  2. Sounds like a vintage Toga Q, brutal. Seals get a little nervous when they get circled. Great job!