Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Q had a vision…………..



When: 1/17/15

QIC: Wilson

The PAX: Johnsonville, Conspiracy, Doner Kebab, Trophy (FNG), Iron (FNG), Lugnut, Chum Bucket, Earthworm, Loose Goose, Wilson.

Ten made an appearance at the #Gridiron workout! With two in BEAST mode! Well done by Conspiracy & Chum for making it to TWO workouts! TWO FNG’s braved the relatively early/chilly morning for their first work out. Welcome Trophy & Iron!

The Thang:

Normal greeting and anticipation around the flag.

Mosey to track. Q wanted two laps, but PAX was lagging! Only ¾ lap! The first diversion from the Wenkie!

Circle Up – Disclaimer – Cause we had TWO FNG’s.

30 Goofballs – NEW to the PAX. Look it up on F3. We looked silly!

30 Mountain Climbers

30 SSH

30 Deep Squats

20 Mekans

20 Airplanes – *NEW* exercise from Wilson’s Wife via Iron’s wife. Way to contribute out of the gate Iron!

Mosey to Pull Up Bars & partner up

Overhand Pull-ups (assisted) – As many as you can

Wilson’s Wife – As many as you can

Underhand Pull-ups (assisted) – as many as you can

Merkans……added for fun!

Mosey to the wall.

Triple Play – Started w/odd number of PAX – So Q got all confused, Goose strained him out!

Peoples chair w/arms up


Run to cones – Lugnut & Iron appear to be competitive………maybe!

Plank – Southern Gentleman & Yankee Aggressor

Mosey back to field

20 LBC’s

30 Flutter Kicks

15 Leg Raises w/ partner – add some resistance

20 Rosalita’s

Fireman’s Carry 50 yards

Wheel Barrow 50 yards – This is where it ALL fell apart – read below!

Burpee’s sets of 10 – goal line, 50 & goal line.

Sprint back

Mosey to bleachers

Cibatta – Dips (Many thanks to Johnsonville for receiving delegation and being time keeper – even tho we would still be there if not for goose! Wilson really needs a watch!


The Q woke up with a very specific laid out plan! (very reliant on the weinke) Started that way and as Earthworm stated later he had the Q energy. Extra spring in the step! Started with something fun and started to warm up!

PAX did AWESOME during Pull Ups & Shoulder Press (Wilson’s Wife) – gonna be summer before we know it. Gotta work the summer muscles!

Triple Play is when Q started to break down…..damn odd number of PAX! So instead of three of each three exercise in groups of 3, it was groups of 4. NO LONGER triple play. Then add Chum & Conspiracy and BOOM, Q just about lost it!

After the ab section of Q’s perfectly thought out workout, Fireman’s carry was up. Yeah, apparently piggy back ride is NOT a Fireman’s Carry according to Chum. I will defer to how it was rolled out to me! Could be as big as “what is a REAL burpee! Never know! The second half of the 100 yards was the wheelbarrow! Simple, right? EVERYONE knows the wheelbarrow! NOT! Conspiracy and Q finish ready to sprint back and what do we see……bear crawl, piggy back rides, walking, running.

Has the world just ended? Q was frustrated…………..and SMOKED. So we did it again………….SAME thing. Oh well…..I had Conspiracy next to me. He would buy into my punishment right? You bet! BURPEES and SPRINTING! Thanks to GOOSE for keeping Wilson in check and calling out my sprint was really NOT a sprint!

Q had discussion with FNG Trophy after about all the chatter during the end of the workout and he said “not me!”

Looks like Wilson’s next Q will be a cardio beat down! Back to the drawing board! Are Countdowns a thing of the past………..no rest!

Great job by the ENTIRE PAX and looking forward to Tuesday at #notoll! And again, welcome Iron & Trophy. Look forward to seeing you both!


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Wilson, usually the PAX critiques the Q’s deficiencies. Sounds like there was no need yesterday. I’m sure the PAX enjoyed the beat down. Long live Wilson’s wife!

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Maybe next week Wilson and Iron’s wives can Q. They are filling out the weinke so why not take the next step?

  3. Does Wilson’s wife know she is part of the lexicon and fast becoming a running (get it running?) critique of Wilson? He may want to explain those things before she shows up to Q. I’m sorry I missed it, but you guys are always welcome to DogPile.., if you can get up early enough.