Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Scream learns to count (or maybe not)



10 strong and warm bodies posted for The Scream’s Virgin Q this morning at #Notoll.  Fun and a little pain was had by all.

The Thang:

Mosey to field after a short run around the AO

SSH x 21

Wndmill x 20

Imperial Walkers x 24

LBC x 20

Peter Parker variation x 20 each side

Bear crawl to mid field, backwards run to endline, backwards crab walk to mid field, lunges to start

Rosalitas x 20

Protractor for 2 minutes

Flutter kicks x 20

Hello Dolly x 20

Tabata sets, one with dips and the other with squats.

Mosey to basketback courts for the king of hearts.  First set of suicides were regular, second set was backwards and the third set was side shuffles.

Q to TYA

Plank, then 30 x LBC, Mosey to shovel flag for COT.


Great Virgin Q for The Scream.  Way to get out there and lead the group.

We definitively now know that artists cannot count, at least in F3/military form.  Scream constantly switched his cadence calls from 1: acting both as the PAX and the Q (1,2,3, 1, 1,2,3,2, 1,2,3,3….)   2.  counting as the Q normally does, but for some reason skipping the number one (Johnsonville helped the Q by calling the 1 count) 3.  skipping the Q count all together and calling only the PAX numbers and  4. not counting at all.  Despite the cadence challenges The Q and PAX survived and had a challenging workout.

Kotters go out to Pelosi 5-0.  He had been on hiatus for a few weeks, but came back and acquitted himself well.  Holidays, family illness, and travel had him out of town, but he beat the fartsack this morning to get back out there with us.

Scream turned to TYA (who was supposed to Q half of the session) at 6:12 (42 minutes into a 45 minute workout) and said, turning the  Q over to TYA.  Adrenalin and a virgin Q will skew your sense of time.  #selfsmoked  #needawatch  Toga also noted that at the beginning of the workout the cadence was at hyper speed.  If there is a sudden wind in RVA it is because the PAX was doing SSH and windmills at 2x the normal speed.

Loose Goose is recruiting participant to his next monthly challenge.  This month the challenge consists of doing 100 Merkins and 30 pull ups per day for the Month of January.  Overhead after the workout, Loose Goose is trying to work on “good form” pushups.  You would think after 10,000 or so, your form would be pretty buttoned up?

Bleeder continues to torture TYA in the sprints (especially suicides).  TYA, although pushing himself on the sprints continues to get smoked by all comers, including Bleeder with 1.5 usable legs.  Of course, Bleeder cognizant of TYA’s fragile ego, taunts TYA at every opportunity.

Lots of talk about Tea bags at one point in the workout.  You will have to ask Doner Kebab and Toga about that part.



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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great workout today Gents. Forecast for Thursday, 70 degrees and Sunny!!! See you at Mary

  2. @The Scream – Great virgin Q! You were definitely pushing the pace on running, and answered the call as a well-planned Q.

    P.S. – Is that a picture of Toga with hair?

  3. Good job Scream! I knew we could count on you for a good workout! TYA, the only way 1.5 > 2 is when I can sprint against you. You’ve still got it when it comes to any distance beyond 100 feet. See you Thursday, forecast Sunny and 70!

  4. Sounds like it was a good one! I have verified that working out alone really sucks. Looking forward to getting back in town and back in the swing!