Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pele arrives and the PAX takes a fall


The Thang:

Mosey to the first soccer field, Toes on the line

skip w/ arm circles across field, 10 SSH, rinse and repeat back to plank
skip w/ high knee bends across field, 10 imperial walkers, rinse and repeat back to plank
skip w/ leg kick across field, 10 windmills, rinse and repeat back to plank

Mosey to corner soccer field
Toes on the line – Football
O-line – 3 pt. stance fire out, stay low, 10 yards to 5 burpees, rinse and repeat 5x to plank
DB – backwards run across field
O-line – 3 pt. stance fire out, stay low bear crawl, 10 yards to 5 WW2 sit ups, rinse and repeat5x
DB – karaoke across field
O-line – 3 pt. stance into duck walk lunge to 50, rotate backward duck walk to finish to plank
WR – 3 pt. stance into full sprint across field

Mosey to parking lot for Parking Lot Party, bounding cross jumps up parking lot to gate
Pull F-150 75 feet
Shadow slides
line jumps
Squat thrust
4 Minutes of Mary
20 x LBC
16 x Flutter kicks
15 x Hello Dollys
30 sec High Knee steps


Young Pele (FNG) showed impressive speed and stamina in the Gloom. Being 11 years old does have its advantages.  He pretty much sauntered through the workout.  Most impressive part was that he was adept at trash talk at this young age (thanks to Bleeder for the good training).  TYA commented to Pele that he needed to get his butt down for the planks, not to follow the old guys in the triangle position.  Pele quickly commented back to TYA “the old guys like you?”

The Sheik evidently lost his brakes at the end of the sprint and wiped out LugNut & Ricky Bobby. Likely the brake accumulator failure.   Almost wiped out the entire leadership team of the Woodfin organization (or could we call it the Woodfin “braintrust”  — maybe not)

T-claps to Doner Kebab & Oyster for recognizing the truck pull was too easy with 4 members of the PAX. They turned around and pushed against the pull to create more resistance. Forcing Ricky Bobby to grab the strap with more than his thumb and index finger.

TYA continues to impress with the lack of High Knee bends skills. Only to be topped by LugNut’s inability to remember “starting position” in the cadence and allowing Brain Tumor, Wedding Singer, & The Sheik to be on the truck pull at the same time. Epic Fail, way to easy.


Forecast for tomorrow morning: 70 degrees and sunny…see you then.


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