Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

1st Annual BrewThru Recap


Eight reindeer ran into the gloom for a special holiday tradition that will be repeated.  We had perfect weather and a solid dose of good cheer to see us through.


Welcome and disclaimer.  Consume.  Run from Stangeways Brewing to Ardent Craft Ales.  We planked a couple of times to stay in a group and had a celebratory set of decline merkins on the steps of Ardent.  Consume.

Run from Ardent to Isley Brewing Company.  Peoples chair, rosalitas, and staggered merkins before entering.  Consume.

Run from Isley to Hardywood Park Craft Brewing.  Consumed and talked about doing it again with different venues.


The PAX agreed that this was a worthy endeavor, and it’s a shame so many were in the sick ward and couldn’t attend.  YHC barely made it following his own illness #CarrierMonkey.  Dabney Rd proved to be the most “interesting” section as there was no sidewalk, lights, and very little cautious driving.  We were well equipped with lights and leftover Halloween glow sticks provided by Pelosi 5-0.

Lockjaw, who helped plan this little excursion, remained oddly certain of our directions through the industrial park despite two errors, #SelfConfidence #IDontNeedDirections.

There were a couple of stares as we executed merkins in front of Isley.  YHC chalks it up to jealousy of the fun being shared.  We just need a bigger reindeer team the next time we do this.  Doner Kebab earned a LIFO for leaving us at Isley, but it should be noted that he was going straight to an event with his wife.  Lesser folks would not have attempted this.

This will without go down as my favorite Christmas/Holiday Party.

We also had some great pics along the way, but the ghost of Mr Jobs killed my phone this morning.  Recovery is looking unlikely.


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  1. I appreciate you guys letting me join you for 3/4’s of the BrewThru…probably as much as my wife appreciated the stench of West Broad St gloom and craft beer.