Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wet Wayne’s World


The Rain Gods have spared the loyal PAX of RVA since our nomadic inception in September, providing us with gloriously gloomy, albeit dry, Commonwealth mornings…until today. Aye, the actively wet gloom was as welcomed to our fold as an FNG, when 12 PAX gathered at #NoToll to meet the morning prepared with new base layers, water proofs, and short pants.

The Thang:

Mosey to first parking lot gate:
25 SSH
20 Imperial Walkers
25 LBC
15 Merkins
25 Slow Squats

Mosey across bridge to NE soccer field:
Bleeder Sprints across the width of the field:
2 x 60% speed (plank)
2 x 80% speed (plank)
1 x 100% speed (plank)
Rinse & Repeat

Mosey to SW soccer field after parking lot loop:
1 x BearCrawl to 50 yd line (plank)
1 x CrawlBear to 33 yd line (plank)
1 x CrabWalk to 33 yd line (plank)
1 x Forward CrabWalk to 33 yd line (plank)

Mosey back to NE soccer field after parking lot loop:
TabattaRama (20s on, 10s off) x 8:
1) Dan Taylors (aka LT Dans)
2) Dips
Half-loop around parking lot (plank)
3) Freddy Mercury’s

Mosey back to COT after parking lot loop

DK experienced an epic Imperial Walker cadence count fail. Quality.

Imperial Walker Fail

Imperial Walker Fail

The NE soccer field at Huguenot Park does not drain as well as the SW soccer field. All shoes were soaked through after the first leg of the Bleeder Sprints.

The old school Gym Timer app DK used for the Tabattas is called “Round & Workout Timer” from MedNotes Plus…free on Android in the Google Play Store. Maybe we can customize the bells next time.

Toga & Loose Goose engaged in a dueling song battle of “Bohemian Rhapsody” during the Freddy Mercury’s, and cleverly stopped singing on cue after each 20s Tabatta was complete.

The Goose is Loose

Toga & The Goose are Loose

DK apologizes if he offended anyone when “taking us out” during the Ball of Man. Season’s Greetings.

Upcoming we have regular workouts on Thursday 0530 45MoM at Mary Munford and Saturday 0700 Gridiron at Pouncy Tract Park. And…

CSAUP** EVENT: 1st Annual F3 Richmond Holiday Brew Thru — 1800 on 12/17 at Strangeways Brewery. 3.4 mile run with stops @ 4 breweries along the way (beer consumption at any point is optional).

Christmas falls on a Thursday this year, therefore, the 45MoM normally scheduled on that day will be held on Christmas Eve (Wednesday) at the same time & place.


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  1. I echo @Bleeder’s sentiment. Great job as Q and the first time laying down in the cold, wet rain was exactly the shock to the system that I expected. We Are the Champions My Friend!

  2. Aye! We knew we were going to get wet eventually. It was fun, and I enjoyed the chance to bust out some Bohemian Rhapsody at the end. Great Job!