Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lugnut Drives Hard at #NoToll


Fifteen of the faithful and two FNGs posted at #NoToll to work off several rounds of Thanksgiving dinner and (at least in the case of me) desserts.


Lugnut VQ:

Mosey out to the left soccer field for COP
SSH x 20
LBC x 21
Imperial Walker x 20
Russian Soldiers x 20
Plank Press Handshake x 10

Mosey to the basketball court for King of Hearts
Regular Suicide
-10 LBC to plank
Backward Suicide
-10 LBC to plank
Defensive Slide Suicide
-10 LBC to plank
Lunge – Down and Back

Johnsonville Q:

Mosey out to main parking area for Chiabatta-style Standing Mountain Climbers on parking curbs.

Mosey out to the park entrance weaving in and out of columns.  Mosey back to gate to Soccer Fields for COP including Merkins, Larry Craigs, Clerkins and Staggered Merkins.

Mosey to front of right soccer field for Chiabatta-style jump squats.  Oh the horror!

Mosey to back of right soccer field for several minutes of Mary including Freddie Mercuries, Hello Dollies, Rosalitas, and Protractors.

Mosey to main parking area for COT.


Rain had been predicted, but held off long enough keep the PAX dry and comfortable.

Lugnut did a great job on his VQ.  He sounded like he may have smoked himself during the lead-off round of SSHs, but he recovered and managed to count fairly well for a VQ.  We look forward to having Lugnut join the regular Q rotation.  T-claps!

Lugnut proudly produced another custom shovel flag from the Woodfin Oil workshops.   I am certain that F3 Richmond has more shovel flags made with furnace parts than all other F3 regions combined.  Eat that Charlotte!  Rumor has it that the Woodfin crew is planning to unveil a shovel flag outfitted with a Taco hot water circulator pump for those frigid January mornings.


At one point, Lugnut asked Iron Curtain to count down from 10 in Russian.  Iron Curtain was completely unable to do so.  (Note to Iron Curtain — please see this link).  Hmm… what if Iron Curtain is just pulling our collective leg and actually grew up in Dinwiddie or Rockbridge County?

Congratulations goes out to Loose Goose for completing the 10,000 Merkin Challenge in November!  Here is a picture of Loose Goose’s youngest.


No doubt about paternity I guess.

It was good to see many who had been away for the holiday.  We are thankful that Bleeder managed to keep himself generally upright and out of the ER while skiing last week.

We enjoyed having Mission visit us from SC, and we look forward to his return when his work brings him up this way.  Not only did Mission attack the jump squats cheerfully (despite a chorus of groans around him), but he also brought us Punchcard, a local FNG.

A warm “welcome” goes out to Punchcard and The Sheikh.  You guys are always welcome, and we hope that you decide to post again soon.

– Johnsonville









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  1. Aye! Great job this morning fellas. It was good to be back in RVA and sort of good to be in southside. It was great to see that many people post for #NoToll.

  2. Well done gentlemen. I found myself wondering why the runs are called suicides and by the end I figured it out. I didn’t see the shovel flag, will have to check it out soon… Lugnut – great job on your VQ and Johnsonville handled Q well as usual too!

  3. Looks like a good beatdown, Richmond. I want to see a picture of this “furnace parts shovel flag.” The Highlands Pax in MECA may need to step up our shovel flag game as our is made of…well…a shovel and a flag.

    @Loose Goose I echo the t-claps on completing the #MerkVemberChallenge. There were about 6 of us from Highlands that did it last November. Had over 30 do it this year. I look forward to big numbers for both our AO’s next year. PS – what is a Clerkin? Clap Merkin?

  4. @The Nanny it’s a Close-Grip Merkin. But since I’m the Q for tomorrow’s workout, thanks for the idea!