Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The BEAST Don’t Burn on the Grill



Twelve of the faithful posted on a beautiful morning at a Huguenot Park, the first posting since the clocks turned back on Sunday. Toga planted a shovel flag, and Döner Kebab took the lead.


Döner Kebab on Q –

Mosey near gate to soccer parking
Quick disclaimer
20x SSH
15x Merkin
20x Imperial Walker
20x LBC

Jog to rear soccer field
Line up on end line for the BEAST
36x Slow Bending Squats
36x Mountain Climbers
36x Freddy Mercury’s
36x Weezy Jefferson’s (on back, legs straight up, bring legs down but stop them 6” above ground, bring legs back up like George & Weezy movin’ on up)
36x burpees/LBCs (3 ea. per set)
36x Hello Dolly’s

Johnsonville on Q –

Mosey for around all soccer fields

Line up in front of bleachers for Ciabatta with dips.
Mosey around soccer field to left corner for Ciabatta with LBCs.

10x Y Grip Merkins
15x Flutter Kicks
10x Single Leg Hip Thrusts (left leg)
10x Single Leg Hip Thrusts (right leg)



Döner Kebab apologizes for leading the PAX mosey into obstacles when he Q’s (think “Fistful of Yen” from “The Kentucky Fried Movie”)…this time the obstacle was yellow caution tape roping off the cut-through to the rear fields.

Cheers to Chum Bucket (or was it Oyster?) for singing the theme to “The Jeffersons” during the plank-up after the Weezy Jefferson’s.

The barking frogs were almost barking in cadence during our first mosey under Johnsville’s Q.

We all agreed it was a spectacular morning…the sun rose as Johnsonville took Q…the Huguenot Park fields are like blankets…there was no need for the smurf suits.

RESPECT: 25% of our PAX posting this morning are over 50 years old.

Great job men, although we’re still looking for our first #RecycledMerlot…
See you in the Gloom!

Next workouts:
• #45MinutesofMary (boot camp) – Thursday, 5:30 am at Mary Munford ES
• #RAMM (run) – Friday, 5:30 am at Mary Munford ES
• #GridIron (boot camp) – Saturday, 7:00 am at Pouncey Tract Park


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