Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Fifteen of the faithful posted at a Huguenot Park for some moonless Gloom. Johnsonville planted the RVA shovel flag, and Chum Bucket commenced with an unrelenting VQ.


Mosey down the near soccer field
Quick disclaimer
20x SSH
15x Merkin
20x Imperial Walkers
20x Windmill
20x Slow Squat

Jog to rear soccer field
Line up on end line for the Sprawl Suicides
Footfire, Sprawls on Command, Plank Medley, Sprint to 20
Repeat, Sprint back to end line
Repeat to 50 and back
Repeat to far 20 and back
Repeat to far end line and back

People’s Chair at the shed for 1.5 minutes

Jog back to near soccer field
COP for 6MOM
20x LBC
20x Hello Dolly
15x Rosalita
15x Freddy Mercury

Jville Q:

Mosey for a loop around soccer parking lot
COP in the corner
11x Merkin
6x Werkin
6x Clerkin

Mosey to bleachers and line up in front
The Lindsay with dips and LBCs OYO (30/10, 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30)
Squat Ciabatta
The Roxanne (run in place; 26 bupees to the song of the same name)


3xClaps to Chum Bucket on the VQ! Chum Bucket intended for the Sprawl Suicides to be a warm-up, but it unleashed a deep Gloom on the PAX very early in the workout.  Way to beat the SadClown out of the men!

It was good to see Loose Goose back after benching himself briefly to nurse a potential injury.  As we ramp up F3 in RVA, I urge men to pay attention to any aches and pains, use the foam roller liberally, and be smart about modifying and/or sitting out when needed.  It is much better to miss a few workouts than to get benched for extended periods.

I apologize for running a few minutes over.  As a reminder to myself and other Qs, let’s make sure start at 5:30 sharp, end at 6:15 sharp, and move through the COT promptly.  We do not want men pressed, kids late to school, and/or LOML friction.

It has been suggested that we name the Friday morning run workout #RAMM (Run Around Mary Munford).  Please post to support that or to offer alternative ideas.

Great job men! See you in the Gloom.

— Jville

Next workouts:

#45MinutesofMary – Thursday, 5:30 am at Mary Munford ES (TYA and Bleeder on Q)
Unnamed F3 Group Run (possibly #RAMM)– Friday, 5:30 am at Mary Munford ES (TYA on Q)
#GridIron – Saturday, 7:00 am at Pouncey Tract Park (Brain Tumor and Loose Goose on Q)


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  1. Yes, dew and chill, is there anything better than that? Seriously, I feel energized and accomplished at the end after getting my butt out of the fart sack and enduring whatever the Q(s) have baked up for the day!

    Good job on your virgin Q, Chum Bucket! I found myself wanting every exercise you chose to end or move to the next one, because you seemed to do more reps than normal — and that’s a good thing. Great to have variety. And Johnsonville, you’re building a rep with “signature moves” as we all love 40s and Roxanne. What else you got?

  2. I too am looking forward to Chum Bucket’s next Q so we can meet the mysterious Clint Didier.

    I also have a really cool new “signature move” to unleash next time I Q. You are going to love and hate this one, Loose Goose.