Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



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Nine of the faithful and two FNGs ventured out into the bright moonlight to post for Richmond’s second weekly #notoll workout. Johnsonville planted the slightly-used shovel flag, and TYA Got his Groove On.

The Thang:

TYA on Q:

Mosey down the roadway to the grass near soccer fields
Quick disclaimer and welcome to FNG
20x SSH
15x Merkin
18x Imperial Walker
15x LBC

Jog to basketball court
King of Spades
45 second plank
Regular suicide
45 second plank
Karaoke suicide
45 second plank
Backward run suicide

Jog to gate entrance to soccer parking area
Min1 menage’
Teams of 3
90x merkins
90x bunny hops
90x LBC

Johnsonville on Q:

Mosey to back of park for THE BEAST consisting of wide grip pushups, heels to heaven, back bridge hip lifts, bicycles, stagger pushups, and LBCs.


The weather was perfect. TYA’s plank/suicides were tough, but that followed by THE BEAST was a jab / right-cross combination of moonlit Gloom. The PAX remained positive throughout, and as several started to wear down, F3 men offered much praise and encouragement.

Thanks to P-Squared (FNG) and Lugnut (FNG) for showing up. It is important that we recognize (and that the minutes reflect) that P-Squared is short for “The Princess and the Pea[y].” Thus, P-Squared has many options for Twitter and F3 Nation avatars, but we strongly recommend something pink and Disneyesque.

Great job men! See you in the Gloom.

— Johnsonville and TYA

Next workout: #45MinutesofMary – Thursday, 5:30 am at Mary Munford ES
Next Hump Day Happy Hour (HDHH) – Wed., Oct. 22 at American Taproom from 5-7 pm.


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