Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Southside PAX has Altercation with The Police


Nine of the faithful and one FNG ventured out into the dark to post for Richmond’s first Tuesday morning workout and first AO south of the James River (dubbed #notoll).  Johnsonville planted a shiny new shovel flag, and Bleeder took over to deliver some much-needed weekday Gloom.

The Thang:
Bleeder on Q:
Mosey down the roadway to the soccer parking entrance
Quick disclaimer and welcome to FNG
COP near gate
20x SSH
15x Merkin
18x Imperial Walker
15x LBC

Short jog to large soccer parking lot
12x Chuck Norris
12x Rosalita
12x Flutter Kick

Mosey to far side of large soccer field near the woods
Line of up on endline and commence “The Beast”
Sprint to 35, 6x Merkins
Sprint to other 35, 6x Merkins
Sprint to end line, turn around
Sprint to 35, 6x Merkins
Sprint to other 35, 6x Merkins
Sprint back to starting endline
Rinse and repeat with 4 sets of 6x Burpees
Rinse and repeat with 4 sets of 6x LBC

Q tossed to Jonsonville
Mosey to far corner of large soccer parking lot
12x Low Slow Squats
12x (per leg) Alternating Lunges
12x (per leg) Alternating Side Lunges

Run around parking lot x 2 (~400m)
12x LBC
12x Rosalita
12x Bikes

Run around parking lot and relocate to other side of lot (~350m)
12x Jump Squats
12x Alternating One-Leg Side Jumps
12x Forward/back Bunny Hops

Run around parking lot and relocate soccer field by bleachers (~300m)
“The Roxanne” – Johnsonville played “Roxanne” by The Police on his iPhone.  The PAX ran in place and performed 1 burpee each time the band said the word, “Roxanne” (26 burpees in all, many in quick succession).


The moon was full, although mostly concealed by cloud cover.  The weather was clear and very comfortable.  The soccer fields (had we ventured on them) would have been very soft and lush.

Although Conspiracy was greatly missed, the PAX enjoyed speculating about his mysterious “recent assignment to northern VA for training.” Several swore that a guy who walked through the park early in the workout wearing a dark hoodie was, in fact, Conspiracy on some kind of covert mission.

Southsiders were generally amazed and bewildered by Bleeder’s high-end German sports car.  One asked Bleeder if there were upgrades he could get to make his Imapala look like that.  Bleeder was very respectful and suggested a new set of faux-alloy-wheel-hubcaps from JC Whitney.

Thanks to “Ralph Wilson”(FNG) for showing up.  We are shortening his name to “Wilson” for ease of use.  Also, we think he will want to use the image of Wilson, the bloody-hand stained volleyball from “Castaway,” as his Twitter and F3Nation avatar.

As usual, Johnsonville managed to smoke himself on Q.  Bleeder grows stronger by the day.  T-Claps to the PAX for working through The Beast and many, many burpees!  ROOOOXXXXANNNNE!

See you in the Gloom

— Johnsonville and Bleeder

Next workout: #45MinutesofMary – Thursday, 5:30 am at Mary Munford ES


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  1. I am told that “The Beast” is 6 rounds of 6 sets of 6. So, as a technical correction, I guess we did a “Mini Beast.”

  2. I used to like that Police song…

    Way to kill it this morning, men! And good job putting us through the ringer, @Johnsonville and @Bleeder

  3. So Marmaduke found my first workout! Surprised me that it was the inaugural #notoll! Just over 3 years! Thanks to Duke for digging this up!