Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Invading the West End — Pre-launch Workout #3


Aye! Feeling adventurous after two mornings in Short Pump, a record 8 RVA pax planted the #RaiderMade #OBT3000Series ShovelFlag at Mary Munford Elementary in Richmond’s West End for pre-launch workout #3.

The Thang:

OBT leads jog to Warmup COP on soccer field: SSH; Imperial Walkers; Merkins; Mountain Climbers.

Handoff to Conspiracy …

Conspiracy leads 11s, featuring a pairing of Merkins (with a Derkin option for the adventurous) and Little Baby Crunches.

Handoff to Bleeder …

Bleeder heads straight for the tennis courts, where he leads slalom jumps inside the service alley from the baseline to the net on three of the courts, then a bear crawl across the rest of the courts. Turning around, we regrouped and he led walking lunges across the whole set of courts.

Jog to soccer field for 6MoM. The Q opens with Bicycles, gets the cadence commands right but then forgets/is so self-smoked, he doesn’t do the counting. Bicycles to 12.

Flip over and do Superman, with singing.

Handoff to OBT …

Continue 6MoM with Dollies, High Dollies (aka Rosalita), LBCs, Heels to Heaven, flip over for a plank rotation that includes Right High/Left High/Southern Gentleman/Yankee Aggressor/Elbows/Tom Cruise and a Long Hold at the end.

Jog to Short Soccer Field:

Sprint from goal to goal

Bear Crawl halfway, sprint the rest

Karaoke from goal to goal

Sprint from goal to goal

Backward Run from goal to goal

Crab walk halfway, sprint the rest

Burpee Broad Jump from goal to goal (4 jumps for each burpee)

Jog to Monkey Bars, hand over hand on monkey bars.


Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ Remember, we’re back at Pouncey Tract Park in Short Pump on Saturday for the official public launch. I expect today’s record attendance to be broken by a factor of 3 or more.

_ Loose Goose (Doug Henigin) posted Tuesday but didn’t return Wednesday or Thursday or make either of the training sessions so I was never able to bestow his nickname in person. That being said, this is very much an Excused Absence, as his wife was giving birth to their second child, a girl, on Wednesday afternoon. Congratulations to the whole Henigin family and we look forward to having you back with the pax as soon as you are able.

_ T-claps to Conspiracy and Bleeder for taking their turns in the barrel today. Great leadership from both and this is a great way to start easing into Qing — you’ll probably see more of this from the outside guys the next two Saturdays. As Bleeder discovered, the adrenaline of that First Q is nothing to laugh about — it’s very easy to self-smoke (#homemadebrisket).

_ Welcome also to our FNGs, both EHs of Bleeder: THE Yankee Aggressor (Paul Salvucci) and Han Solo (Luke Buckovich). Both acquitted themselves quite nicely and will be seasoned veterans for Saturday’s public launch.

_ Also, a Kotter (F3-speak for “Welcome back”) to Orville, who wasn’t able to make Wednesday’s workout or the training sessions, but returned strong this AM and was an eager participant in Conspiracy’s Derkin-fest.

_ Our choice of the Mary Munford venue was validated as we stood around at 5:29 waiting to launch and a group of locally-grown tomatoes gathered with their yoga mats for their 5:30 a.m. workout. Obviously, it’s fertile ground for planting.

_ T-claps to everyone for your efforts to learn the lyrics to the Greatest American Hero theme. I can’t wait for you to belt it out on Saturday and scare the fool out of the FNGs.

_ I am heading back to CLT, but want to thank all of you who posted to a workout or training session (or both) for your time and commitment this week — I think you’ll see a real payoff in your ability to lead right from the start as we launch F3/Richmond. In particular, I want to recognize Johnsonville, who was the only guy to attend every single minute of every workout and training session and is probably the most tired of listening to YHC talk about F3, and Bleeder, who wins the EH King crown, for getting The Yankee Aggressor out to a training session and a workout and Han Solo out for a workout. Great work on all of your parts, and I drove back to Charlotte feeling confident that we’re going to get Short Pump planted solidly and then quickly move to sites in the city and in Midlothian! I look forward to returning over Thanksgiving and being with you again.



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