Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Richmond, Meet The Dirty MacDeuce


Aye, four pax answered the call for Day Two of the Richmond pre-launch training, gathering once again at Pouncey Tract Park.

The Thang:

_ Jog to middle school football field for warmup COP: SSH x 20, Larry Craig x 12-plank-Peter Parker x 10, High Dolly x 20-hold 6 inches-flutter kicks x 10 (illustrating how exercises can be strung together with little or no rest to intensify sequences).

_ The Dirty MacDeuce: After each set of three exercises, run a lap around the football field track

I. Merkins x 12, LBCs x 12, Mountain Climbers x 12, run a lap

II. Carolina Dry Docks x 12, Bicycles x 12, Monkey Humpers x 12, run a lap

III. Larry Craig x 12, Hello Dolly x 12, Stump Jumpers x 12, run a lap

IV. Crab Roll x 12, Flutter Kicks x 12, Burpees (OYO) x 12, run a lap

Jog back to parking lot.

_ How To Count (H2C) discussion, demonstration and practice

_ Mosey to wall for demonstration of People’s Chair, Balls to the Wall, People’s Balls


Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ T-claps to all who posted just hours after our Tuesday evening bull session.

_ The goal today in addition to introducing How To Count was to see what a more intense workout segment looks and feels like, as you string together strength moves and aerobic exercise in quick succession.

_ This was one of the most impressive How To Count groups ever straight out of the gate (with the possible exception of Bleeder (nee Nuke), who apparently spent all the time he should have been leading PT at VMI practicing tennis). Conspiracy even brings a little extra flair to his counting.

_ The last two mornings have been absolutely perfect fall weather, clear and temperatures in the low 60s. It’s been like being on vacation from Charlotte.

_ Nickname updates: Jack Woodfin’s nickname has been switched from Nuke to Bleeder, in honor of his ski accident (and the classic line from “There’s Something About Mary”). Lewis Biggs is Johnsonville. And Jeremy Derrico is Conspiracy. I also have one for Doug Henigin, but will wait until I see him to bestow it.

_ Many thanks to Johnsonville for taking us out in a Ball-of-Man-style prayer. Strong stuff.

_ A switch of AO for tomorrow and the final pre-launch workout — we will go at 0530 from Mary Munford Elementary School at 211 Westmoreland Avenue in Richmond’s West End. We will meet near the basketball and tennis courts — Conspiracy and Bleeder have been asked to be prepared to lead the pax for 10-15-minute segments of the workout.




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  1. I need a contact for Richmond, have a buddy who lives there and would love to go (and benefit) from F3 in his life. (Billy Goat – F3 Harrisburg)