Wednesday, September 27
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Downrange at Duck


3 studs met in the gloom while downrange for a vaca beatdown at Duck Town Center.  According to the crabbing family showing up in a golf cart, this is what went down more or less:

5 burpee start, mosey to COP.  Intro, Disclaimer, mission,

COP all IC: SSH x20, Ukranian Soldier x10, Imperial Walker x10, Hillbillies x10, Helicopter x10, Merican x10, Wide Arm x10, Diamond x10, Shoulder taps x10, Shazzam Mercian x10, Grass Angel x10, WW2 x10, Hello Dolly x10, Rosalita x10, Heels to Heaven x10, Freddie Mercury x10, Flutter Kicks x10, APD x10, Tuscaloosa Trailer Park Twister x10. Stretching, Wilsons wife, Fudds wife, Warrior. 20 minutes elapsed. Mosey to amphitheater.

3 rounds 10 decline merican, 20 dips. Mosey ato 11s – scratch that due to crabbing family. Mosey to nature learning area.

5 dips on each bench – like 20 of them.  Mosey to playground.

Triple check.  5x or more pullups + squats, WW2 situps, timer runs a loop.

Long mosey back to the flag.

YHC took us out.  Prayers for all dealing with life limitations of alcohol.

Thanks for letting me lead!

Get some! 


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