Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Tightest Shirt You Own


19 men of steel descended upon the sleepy suburban village of NewMarket to sharpen one another and experience skin-splitting pumps. YHC was honored and humbled to lead such a large PAX for his VQ experience.

According to the security guards staffing the guardhouse at the neighborhood entrance, this is what went down.


SSH, helicopters, Ukrainian soldiers, copperhead squats, merkins, plank it up (right hand high, left hand high, right foot to right hand, left foot to left hand), quick mosey up and down Satan’s own hill

The Thang:

1st triple check: Runner, coupon sumo squats, calf raises

2nd triple check: Runner, coupon shrugs, scrunchy frogs

3rd triple check: Runner, coupon rows, wide grip merkins

4th triple check: Runner, triceps coupon dips, coupon curls

That went fast. Another mosey up The Wicked One’s hill for good measure.

Circle up for what I’m calling a hot potato, fifteen-rep ring of fire. This lasted 10 minutes and kicked up a notch when Armstrong demanded the PAX endure 15 burpees. Time called shortly thereafter.

Numbers, names


5/29 Memorial Day convergence

Favorable observation the PAX is growing in size

Gratitude expressed for the growing number of Q sheet participants


YHC took us out.

Side note:

A special thank you to my brother Heist for putting me in an EH this past January.

F3 came into my life at a time when I needed it most. F3 is brimming with solid, dedicated, and inspiring HIMs. My life has been immensely enriched by F3, and today I finally threw my hat in the ring to give back what I’m able. Thank you all for the motivation, the brotherhood, the great feeling that comes from completing a demanding workout, for the opportunity to lead, and for all the laughs.

-Purple Rain


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