Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The backdoor can be just as good


9 nimble giants met in the waning gloom to enjoy a new Orion brocode route on a perfect day for running.

After an excellent overview of the route the PAX led a brief discussion decrying the Qs infatuation with hills. The Q mildly replied that while the PAX correctly identified a passion for training, these mounds are easily ascended – and we set off.

As we got started, apparently some PAX (not Kubota – he is always reliable) thought the Q was kidding about trying the backdoor route then were quite hesitant going in until they tried it for a bit finally agreed with Kubota that the under right conditions, it can work out just fine. All PAX left energized.  Pigskin is ready for more.

Lighthouse took us out   Prayers for healing, upcoming surgical success, and tough work decisions

NMS – Brocode always brings out requisite mumblechatter.  Coffeeteria after always is lively covering a range of topics ranging from labor and immigration policy, who is the slum king of F3, and who might be crazy enough to date returning college age 2.0s on the rebound.

It was a treat have Kubota join us this morning.  He helped recon the AO when it was just an idea.

YHC enjoys this route for the hills in all the right places, but also the quirkiness of the 1979 vintage covered bridge. We have always run pieces of this route and the complete 4mi route debuted during the CSAUP.  It is a keeper.

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