Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Born to Burpee


7 studs said no to the fartsack and gathered for a beatdown at Mary. Here’s what went down:

Quick COP on the corner of Commonwealth and Grove.

Burpee Alley: Run the length of Hanover from Commonwealth to Shadwell and perform 3 burpees at every lamppost/streetlight. Crunchy Frogs IC for the six. Mosey across Grove to parking lot.

Wall to Wall: Partner up. Round 1: P1 runs to wall and performs 10 2x Chicken Peckers, P2 People’s chair 3x. // Round 2: P1 runs to wall and performs 10 Donkey Kicks, P2 wall sit. 3x. // Round 3: P1 runs to wall and performs 10 2x Dirty Hookups, P2 Chicken Peckers, or balls to wall. 3x. Mosey east down Grove to Lock Lane. 

Lock Lane: Stop midway for ab exercises IC

Triple Check in the First Pres lot P1: WW2s // P2: Hand release merkins // P3: Run to fence, Bernie back. Audible after 2 rounds. Mosey back to Mary. Stop on the corner of Westover and Cary for more ab exercises.

COP : LBCs, end with some up downs.

NMS: a fun group this morning, lots of good mumble chatter, also lots of running. Shakedown is happy to take his shoes off and show you his five finger toe socks.


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