Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bermuda Triangle


We only played the front 9

It was a 5some at the Bermuda Triangle at Goyne Park in Chester. YHC was thankful for the beautiful morning. We were missing a regular but had 2 newcomers to the Triangle. Here’s what happened.

We started out with the usual warmup

Side Strattle Hops X15 In Cadence

Don Quyotes x10 IC

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

LBCs x10 IC

Merkins x10 IC

Mosey over to the playground for a pentuple check

3 sets each

10 Pull ups

10 Jerkins

20 balldippers DC

15 toes to bar on the monkey bars

20 chair dips

We moseyed over to the disc golf course(something we only recently discovered since it has gotten light enough)

YHC has been trying to figure out something to do on this ever since I found out it was here.

We would do the following at each hole, running between each hole

1 1 Burpee

2 2 Burpees

3 3 Burpees

4 Lt. Dans, 3 burpees

5 Lt Dans, 3 burpees

6 Lt. Dans, 3 burpees

7 Merkins, 6 Lt. Dans, 3 burpees

8 Merkins, 6 Lt. Dans, 3 burpees

9 Merkins, 6 Lt. Dans, 3 burpees

We moseyed our way towards the flag but stopped for a short round of Chaplain’s Indigenous Polesmokers with the trailer crab walking to the front.

Back to the flag

Quick Merkins ring of fire then Finish up

Names (Name the FNG),Numbers.

Check Slack for announcements

Pray for Florence who’s hip is bothering him.

Great to have #StateFarm post with us for the first time and welcome to Preach, our FNG!

Everyone have a great day!


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