Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

200 Alabama Prom Dates? Swimsuit season is upon us and this PAX will be ready for it.


YHC jumped on the empty Q sheet slot Monday evening. It’s been a minute since YHC has Q’d at NoToll and was happy to see 10 HIM’s in the parking lot ready to get in shape for beach season. 530am on the swatch watch? Time to go.

A short jog to the parking lot for 5 burpees to cross the bridge onto No-Toll field. Run down to the other end of the field for 5 more burpees and back over bridge #2. The PAX agreed that without the burpees a troll was likely to reach out and grab you as you crossed the bridge. Gotta pay that toll at no-toll.

Continue on our journey to the field pavilion for a little warm-a-rama: SSH, Don Qui-Low-te’s, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Copper head squats, Merkins, LBCs.


  • 25 Burpees / Jog the perimeter of the soccer field
  • 50 Merkins / Jog the perimeter
  • 75 Monkey Humpers / Jog the perimeter
  • 100 Alabama Prom Dates / Jog the Perimeter
  • 125 LBC’s / Jog the Perimeter
  • 150 2 count touch the heels / Jog the Perimeter. Note to self – 150 was a bit to many to count here. DTH kept us honest though. Where would we be without DTH? Probably just sitting around with flabby abs.
  • 125 LBC’s / Jog 1/2 the Perimeter
  • 100 APDs / Jog the 1/2
  • 75 Monkey Humpers / Jog the 1/2
  • A bit short of time to finish the Merkins and Burpees, so 15 burpees and let’s head back to the flag.

On the way back to the flag, cross the bridges again with 10 merkins on both sides.

Arrived at the flag with 90 seconds to spare, so a quick ring of fire for 5 of your favorite merkins.

Time Called.

Announcements: Many. Check Slack and reach out to members who have recently joined to attend.

Prayer requests: None

Don Draper took us out.

PAX logged just over 2 miles today. Well done MEN!


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