Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Saturday at Rockwood


A group of 9 came out this morning. This is probably the first morning you could feel the humidity. We haven’t seen anything yet, wait about a month then mornings where it’s in the 70s with 90% humidity. For myself, I am usually awake and at the park earlier for a ruck but fell back asleep for a bit(with one of my cats laying beside me). The sign of I needed a little more rest.

Started off with a good warm-up with a little wrinkle added, SSH, Helicopters, Don Quixotes, Imperial Walkers, Merkins and LBCs. Then headed over to the baseline, we did full court Ukrainian Soldiers, ran back then full court runner’s lunge with a twist(getting the lower body stretched, loose plus adding a little movement. Let the journey begin…

An FYI….today’s workout all came together as we went along(I only had one thing set). First area was a 25-50-75-100 with a little lap after each exercise. 25 double count flutters, 50 jump squats, 75 calf raises, 100 jump ropes. After a 20 count, onto the next area

Triple check time….The exercises were monkey humpers, Freddie mercuries, and a run down to the other side of the lot and back. I saw a gentleman tried a quick recruiting to join us but he had to leave for work. This point you start to get into the flow, work on keep moving as you finish each part. A little breather, them mosey over to the next area.

Build a beast….this one is where I call out to someone, they chose the exercise that we should do. Merkins, shoulder taps, mountain climbers, jump squats, WW2 plus if someone was not home, we made sure to help them out and bring them in. After a quick walk, back to the road, between the baseball fields to our next stop

A quick 2 part upper/lower body. 3 rounds, 30 seconds each of wall sits and tricep dips. This was great to break things up, give us a little breather cause now we’re coming up to the big one

Prostitute… four corners where you hit a corner, come back, hit the next 2, etc….The exercises: 10 Merkins, 20 LBCs, 30 Air Squats and 40 SSH. At the completion of that for everyone, we had 45 seconds left so back to the flag. Count-outs, announcements and prayer by YHC to finish everything out.

Welcome Derek to the group. He used to come around but went away now he’s back. Since he went away and returned, needed a name first came Olympic but we decided on Leap Year. Posh will help get him set up on Slack. Look at Slack for everything upcoming including VQ by Wildcat coming Monday at The Alamo, Friday Purple Rain’s VQ at Satan’s Hill. We have a big convergence Memorial Day so everyone have a little extra in the tank that day. Enjoy your weekend, see you next time out there and if you are training hard, start hitting the hydration you will need it


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