Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Has anyone ever gotten seasick at a workout before?


The answer to this question is yes. It happened today at Twin Team. Read on to learn more.

5 men joined YHC and committed to finishing Gumbo’s Tour de Twin. A beautiful morning for us all and at 530am we launched from the BWE parking lot.

Jog to backside of James River High School and pay tribute to Karen’s parking lot with a little warmarama and Thang 1.

Warmarama: Side Straddle Hops, Dead Man Hangs, Arm Circles, Helicopters.

Thang 1: Grab a tire and head to Karen’s parking lot. Flip the tire 10 times then complete 2 burpees. Repeat until you’re at the end. Put tire back and head out.

The PAX jogged down to the river in hopes of seeing the sunrise at 5:58am sharp.

Thang 2: Partner up for a modified Dora.

  • Exercise 1: Partner 1 – Burpees, Partner 2 – Run to the Construction Flags and Back. Alternative and repeat until a total of 50 burpees have been completed. Special note: The burpees impressed the passerby’s walking at James River park. Well done men!
  • Exercise 2: Partner 1 – Merkins, Partner 2 – Run to the Construction Flag and Back. Alternative and repeat until a total of 100 merkins have been completed.

Head down to the floating dock at 5:56 in hopes of seeing the sunrise, but before we continued on our exercise journey, we taught Tobit about the sun rising from the East. The things you learn at a boot camp!.

  • Exercise 3: Partner 1 – Squats, Partner 2 – LBC’s. Alternate when partner 1 hits 50. Complete a total of 200 squats.
  • Exercise 4: Partner 1 – 2 count lunges, Partner – WWII’s. Alternate when partner 1 hits 25. Complete a total of 100.

Exercise 4 is where the stomach started to get a little queezy for YHC. The strong leg muscles of the PAX created quite the movement on the floating dock and YHCs head and stomach did not appreciate it. Audible called and back up to solid ground to finish out exercise 4.

Back to the Flag, stopping along the way with some Merkins, Squats, etc. Just about 3 miles logged for this group today!


  • Family day picnic at Bettie Weaver elementary – Sunday May 21st. Check Slack for details and confirm your attendance. Bring a dish if you can.
  • Boberry shared some exciting news for their family. Reach out to him for the deets.
  • Oyster’s paying lunch next Thursday at Rusty Taco.
  • SOJ takeover week of June 12th. Reach out to Rosie to sign up.

YHC took us out.

Man, what a great day to be outside. Although, it was a little cloudy and we didn’t quite see the sunrise, the day was beautiful. Exercise, Tunes, Laughs and Good Friends – YHC is blessed today.


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