Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kettle Bear 20s


13 men joined YHC and his janky kettlebell for another round of strength training at the Old Hundred. This KB is starting to build a reputation of its own. Currently thought to play music, be used as a street cone, and to bring hunting in a tree stand. Also known to be readily available on QVC on BOGO. Whatever the purpose, it holds weight just fine and YHC is fine with his thrifty ways and it’s multi-uses. Mumblechatter around this started strong…until the circuits began. According to the random man walking his dog, this is what went down.


SSH, Ukr Soldiers, Cherry Pickers, DM Hang L/R, Butt kickers, High knees, Merkins, LBC, Flutter kicks, W/S wipers, Scorpion kicks

The Thang:

Kettle Bear 20 circuit

20 x Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

20 x American Swings

20 x Single overhead lunges (10 each side)

20 x American Swings

20 x KB Snatches

20 x American Swings

20 x Clean and Press (10 each side)

20 x American Swings

20 x Lawn Mower (10 each side)

20 x American Swings

Mosey around the speedway

Repeato x 2

After 2 circuits, and a lot of groaning at each round of American Swings, we had 4 minutes of Mary to finish us off. Each pax member called 10 reps of a core exercise.

WW2, 6 inches, scrunchy frogs, box cutters….TIME

YHC saw the Q sheet open last night and looked up some new KB workouts. This one looked easy enough to remember at 5:30, but challenging. Turns out, it is REALLY hard once you make it through that first rotation of swings. Something a little different though that turned out to be some really good strength training. Nancy pointed out how difficult this is going to make the return of Duke’s B-ball Q at Timberwolf this Thursday. No doubt he is right as the Pax is going to feel this in the upper body the next few days. If anything, maybe it will make those that didn’t show today feel better about their games as we struggle to get the ball 10 ft in the air.


5/21 – Family day this Sunday at Better Weaver Elementary. Cookout and B-ball with the M’s and 2.0s. 5pm – til

This Thursday, back by popular demand, the return of Duke’s Basketball Q at Timberwolf. Come get some

More on slack.

YHC took us out.

Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead fellas. Appreciate you all and the numbers we continue to post. Stay strong and lift each other up when we need it, bc we all will. Iron sharpens Iron!



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