Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour De Twin Team with your Host, Gumbo


11 intrepid dwellers of the GLOOM, including 1 FNG and 1 Downrange Double RESPECTer posted in the beautiful Gloom of BWES this morning. Even Don Draper and Boberry donned gloves for a bootcamp because YHC promised some miles. As the clock struck 0530, the tour began and off to the namesake we go…

Mosey across Robious to the base of Twin Team and circle up for the disclaimer and COP, including DQs performed at the impeccable speed.

We were all limbered up so time to climb – mosey up Twin Team to the top stopping at each drive way (and any offset mailboxes) for 10 merkins each. YHC thought that would lessen the pain of the climb but it only added to it…oh well, what doesn’t kill you…

Collected the SIX at the top and moseyed down and continued down the pathway to the back entrance to JRHS and over to the “murph” area for a triple check including pull-ups, squats and a choose-your-own-timer of run a lap OR 20 WWIIs. The Tour can’t be late, so an audible was called and the triple check was truncated…

Mosey down past the SWAMP and stop for a quick couple minutes of rapid fire Mary, then over to the outdoor basketball courts for some Donkey Kicks on the wall.

BBTVF via the parking lot and across BWES field. 30 seconds left so 2 Burpees to get your money’s worth.

COT, Numbers, Names and YHC prayed us out.


Great to have 4 folks who have never been to TT before, including an FNG (Chubbs bro) and a down-ranger from St. Charles Missouri (THE CHUCK). Other than the climb up TT, not a ball-buster today but we kept moving and we got to show off most of the AO. Gumbo will provide another 3.3 mile tour that was planned another time soon.

Happy Hour SOJ tonight at Diamond Billiards

SOJ Takeover coming soon to AOs all over

May 21 is a family BBQ at BWES – see OC for more details

Summer Tour details and conditions are on Slack – see HoneyDo if you got questions

A pleasure as always to lead. No More Gumbo For You!


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