Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Macebell


YHC brought a surprise to the PAX today. The mace bell or gada as it is known in India, is an equipment used by Indian wrestlers and warriors for centuries. YHC built an DIY macebell using a shovel pole, my daughter’s Halloween candy bucket and quickcrete.

Some COP then the PAX was introduced to the macebell. Then the PAX went back to our regularly scheduled KB program.

4 corners – Halos x 10 each side, Squats x 20, sit-up presses x 20, calf raises x 20

Triple check – P1 curls, P2 demon crushers, P3 sprint between islands

11s – deadlifts + step ups

Some stretching, numbers, names, No Idea took us out.

Great to see No Idea again.


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