Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An Old Friend Came to Town


2 OG F3 RVA Brothers, 1 Former Tallahassee F3 Brother now turned F3 RVA Brother, and 1 OG Tallahassee F3 Brother locked shields and attacked the day at W Dog. Here’s what happened :

Mosey to grass circle

F3 Mission Statement

Warmarama : 20 SSH IC, 10 IW’s IC, 10 Ukrainian Soldiers IC

Merkin Jax : 1 Merkin to 4 Plank Jax ratio, go up to 5 Merkins and 20 Plank Jax, then back town to 1 Merkin and 4 Plank Jax

Mosey to Ampitheatre

Starting at top step, do 15 Dips on each step going down (about 2/3 of the way down YHC realizes that looked better in his head so switch to 10 Dips on each step to finish out)

Starting at bottom step, do 10 Jump Squats on each step all the way to the top

Mosey to Penny Stage then partner up and grab a Cindy

Mini Dora : 50 Curls, 100 Overhead Press, 150 Flutters DOUBLE COUNT (Timer runs to a tree about 40 yards away then back)

Mosey to rusty cage for 5 Sets of 5 Pull Ups

Mosey to hill behind Ampitheatre

At the bottom, do Lunges all the way up to the tree

While facing downhill, do 50 Stiletto Squats

While facing downhill on your Six, do 50 Leg Raises

Mosey to bottom of the hill

Front Facing Crab Walk up the hill to the tree (THIS SUCKED)

Mosey down the hill then up the other side and BTTF

1 minute of Rapid Fire Alternating Punches while holding Al Gore

5 Navy Seal Burpees


Numbers, Names, YHC took us out

Announcements :

-This Friday 5/12 SOJ Happy Hour & Leadership Meeting at Diamond Billiards in Midlo

-Sun 5/21 SOJ Family Cookout and Basketball at Bettie Weaver Elementary (contact OC)

-Mon 5/29 Memorial Day Convergence at 7 am at Tredegar with Bagels & Coffee afterwards

NMMS : Really enjoyed catching up with Cappucino. Him and YHC used to post at Winthrop Park in Tallahassee on Wednesdays (Juggernaut AO). His employer’s HQ is in Richmond so he comes up every couple months and posts at W Dog. Finally caught him this time. Great to meet Macenroe for the first time and always great to have Snuff join the Q. Seize the day!


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Joined F3 in Tallahassee FL on 9/12/18 during Hurricane *Florence*. Brother-in-Law Bocephus from F3 Charleston SC was responsible for the EH. Moved to Richmond in August 2020 and been rollin with F3RVA ever since.

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