Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Art of the Elusive Successful Flying EH


Eight eager stalwarts became 9 with an FNG pickup mid-beatdown since it looked like we were having so much fun, which we were…

COP: Standard HD stuff including Scorpion kicks

Mosey over to PES for worst ever teamed-up Quad Check. Exercises were HRMs, Reverse Crunch, & Squats. Head over to Jerkin Gym with stop of Freddy Mercurys along the way. 4 sets of 8 at the Jerkin Gym. Head over to benches for 3 rounds on increasing Bench kicks & Derkins. Finish up with several rounds up and down our namesake hill. Finish with 2 min of Mary back at the flag.

NMS: Great morning to be back at HBR. The PAX were glad to have their Site Q back as Atilla came up and hugged YHC with what looked like some tears in his eyes, or maybe he was cranky running on 4 hours of sleep. Welcome to Van Damme who jumped right in on the Benchkicks and Derkins. Apparently he is a legit kickboxer who knows a damn good workout when he sees one. Credit to Tater for the invite and reel in.

The Quad check had 2 unevenly split teams, where the slower group had a Clydesdale as their speedster. A veteran PAX will make it so you’re doing the Hand Release Merkins while Gypsy is running.

Senor Frog only had one bout of coughing, which means he is basically ready to sign up for his VQ soon…


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