Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

CSAUP Phase 1 – Ruck


16 fearless HIMs gathered in the waning gloom for a little ruck action.  3 mi route below.

YHC took us out.

NMS-  It was great to see PAX from all over the region today. Thanks for making it out to Currahee gents! 

Rucking was something we did all the time in the Army.  YHC needs to work at it to get back to the standard of 15min / mi for 12 miles.

  • If what we did wasnt hard enough for you, set goals for more weight and faster – the best can hit a pace under 12min / mi without running.

YHC enjoyed walking with Prairie Dog and Brimstone today who are visiting us from New Orleans and Mississippi for an extended mission trip out toward Rockville. Found out that Prairie Dog was in the Louisiana National Guard where he was a Gun Bunny and then a Chaplain. They love rucking and do it much more often than Bootcamps.  Interesting to talk about the regional differences.

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