Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

CSAUP Phase 3 – 12 mile run


8 runners, 3 walkers, and one logistics expert made it out to the third phase of runs. After a little reorganizing and realizing that we had planned team members missing and an odd number to make three full relay teams, we decided to split the Pax into runners and walkers and simply take breaks between 5, 3, and 4.5 mile runs.

Offshore took us out. We are all grateful for something. Thanks for sharing.

NMS – Enjoyed talking to local citizens as they finished up a photo shoot with a candidate and sharing the F3 mission. The camaraderie and 2f between runs and hanging out with this crew was truly enjoying. The weather was perfect and training goals were accomplished. Some PAX have never run that far in their lives, and some haven’t done it in a long while due to injury. Looking forward to the next CSAUP.

TCLAPS and special thanks to Upchuck, Shakedown, and Offshore for extra logistics. Thanks for stepping forward men!

Also thanks to the PAX for thinking through an audible on the relay. It was much more fun running with the group and YHC was able to make my Senior’s last ballet recital!

Get some!


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