Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Real Twin Team


With Big Rig making his first appearance at Twin Team, plans were scrapped, and we headed to the AO’s namesake hill. The following is a brief summary for your viewing pleasure.

To the back of the school for Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hops, Bruce Lee Punches, Cherry Pickers, Alabama Prom Dates, Freddy Mercuries, Various Broga Stretches.

Lap around the school to pick up the Kettles.

In route to Twin Team: Around the Worlds. Stop for Kettle LBC’s (25) and American Hammers.

At the Bottom of the Hill: One Minute or so of the following:
Mississippi Side Lunges, One Legged Bendovers (??), Halo’s, Curls.

Exercise Two: Run up Twin Team hill. At each driveway, 10 plank jacks. On descent: 25 LBC’s at first driveway. Increase by 5 each driveway.

Back Towards the Flag: Reverse Forearm Curls, Upright Hold.

Numbers/Names/Announcements/Prayer Requests

YHC took us out

Final thoughts: We were reminded this morning of all the great workout areas at this AO, with Twin Team Hill being the highlight. Congrats to Big Rig on his anniversary and upcoming trip to Ocean City. Strong work by all and great mumblechatter this morning.


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