Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Refund request


10 gentlemen of the gloom showed up at Timberwolf, some expecting an OC Q. Little did they know that after 2 days of the Q YHC offered to give him a break. Some wanted a refund, others shortened their workout by a minute, others offered alternatives but all put in the work to get better today.

Promptly at 0530 we departed the parking lot in a mosey over to the freshly cut soccer field. Warm up with some SSH, IW, merkins, Shoulder taps, tempo merkins, crab cakes and the short lived crowd favorite Dancing Bear – not to be confused with Cocaine Bear. Forgoing the APDTTT to avoid rolling ourselves in grass clippings. OC’s shoulder taps rivaled the speed of Bullseye, just don’t look behind the curtain of how it’s being done.

Track for the first part of The Cooper – 10 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 10 Squats – run half a lap, repeat with 9 of each, run half a lap repeat with 8. Cut it short and mosey to the bball courts

Doracide – P1 Runs lines, P2 exercises – 100 werkins, 200 Freddies, 300 Monkey Humpers – running after MH makes the legs feel like jello. Round of 7s of the Cooper with a lap around the courts.

Lightpole alley – Each PAX picks an exercise – travel between light poles various ways. Pax mixed it up well with the highlight being OCs new exercise the Cocaine Bear – maybe known as the Contra. It will come up again and OC will have to demonstrate again but rest assured it will come back.

Finish up the Cooper with rounds 6-1 of the Cooper with a lap around the sidewalk loading area.


Great to have State Farm out with the Timberwolf crew. He’s a new transplant to Richmond and making his way around various AOs. McGruff put in a request for a refund on this workout since he thought it was an OC workout, his carrier pigeon supplying said refund should be on the way.

Lots of things happening in Richmond now with many opportunities to get involved. Jump in to join any of these if you can, you won’t regret it.

Announcements – Slack is the best way to keep up

  • MAY – FNG Challenge
  • 5/6 – Currahee CSAUP – 6am ruck, 7am Convergence Bootcamp, 8 am Relays
  • 5/7 – Dogwood Dell play area construction – volunteers needed, See sign up or Posh
  • 5/12 – SOJ Happy Hour – Diamond Billiards
  • 5/21 – Family BBQ and Basketball at Bettie Weaver ES – 5pm
  • 5/25 – 4th Thursday lunch – Rusty Taco Westchester (this might be the regular spot)
  • 5/29 – Memorial Day Convergence at Tredegar 
  • 5/30 – SOJ Summer Coffee Series following NoToll – stick around the AO for coffee

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