Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

1 Hump = 1 Rep


14 of Richmond’s finest got together for a classic beat down. The gathering was held ant one of SOJ’s most well lit AOs. According to the runners who steered clear of our shenanigans, this is how it went down.

Mosey back and forth around the horseshoe shaped parking lot, the. Circle up for F3 mission and disclaimer.

warmerama followed including the ever popular scorpion kicks, as well as hillbilly’s (with or without the skip).

looong mosey to the new home construction area for:


runner runs to second dumpster, partner does the following:

100 No surrenders

200 monkey humpers

300 LBCs

TCLAPS to Warby for the idea of putting gloves down to save the PAX’s knees during the no surrenders.


Jump squats, WW2s

mosey back to the start with a nice sprint half way

We’re not done yet, had time for some Agassi’s, broken up by 10 donkey kicks, went through that twice

Circle back up, then spell “the Alamo” with both feet, followed by Ring of fire

Numbers, names, YHC took us out


CSAUP on Saturday, ruck at 6, boot camp at 7. Relay run to follow. Rock and Roll will be open for those not able to attend.
-may21st 5pm at Bettie Weaver: cook out and basketball, 2.0s and Ms welcome!


Glad to get back out to THE ALAMO. Nice to see vets as well as newer PAX. Lots of questions asked. YHC’s favorites both concerned Monkey Humpers “is this even and exercise?” “How do you count the reps?” Have a great week everyone!


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