Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

FNG Fatigue


The struggle is real. Another Tuesday, another FNG giving an HC that didn’t show up. Oh well, maybe one day they’ll come through. Here’s how YHC vented about it :

Warmarama : 20 SSH IC, 10 Ukrainian Soldiers IC, 10 IW’s IC, 10 Merkins IC

Mosey to workout station behind basketball court


5 Rotations of – 5 Pull Ups, 10 Jerkins, 15 Stiletto Squats, Go Across Monkey Bars, 15 American Hammers DOUBLE COUNT

Mosey to basketball court

3 rounds of Suicides non-stop touching foul line, mid court, opposite foul line, and opposite end line

11’s : Start with 1 Merkin and 10 Jump Squats

Broad Jump to opposite end line and back to starting line

Mosey to football field

4 Corners – 10 Burpees, 20 Lunges DOUBLE COUNT, 30 Flutter Kicks DOUBLE COUNT, 40 SSH

Mosey BTTF

1 Minute of rapid fire alternating punches while holding Al Gore

30 seconds of rapid fire straight leg kicks with right leg

30 seconds of rapid fire straight leg kicks with left leg


Numbers, Names, YHC took us out

Prayer Request : Shank’s gone be a daddy! Prayers for good health and a smooth delivery for his M and the baby.

Announcement : SOJ Lunch this Thursday at 11:45 am at Rusty Taco, Westchester Commons

NMMS : Below are some of the FNG’s responses YHC has gotten on Facebook about Bermuda. None of them have showed :


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