Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Can we run during a KB workout?


14 Beasts!! Kettle Bells in hand, ready for another beatdown at The Old Hundred. Hope you have your running shoes.

Mosey lap around the school, playground and parking lot.
SSH, Helicopters, Copper Head Squats, Cherry Pickers, Merkins, Wide Grip Merkins, Diamond Merkins, LBC, Heals to Heaven, Alabama Prom Dates, American Hammers

1. Triple Check: Run to end and back, KB Swings, KB Press x3

2. Triple Check: Bear Crawl 5 spaces/run back, KB Rows, KB Curls x3

3. Triple Check: Run perimeter of parking lot, KB Around the World, Skull Crushers x3

4. Triple Check: Run to the end / 3 burpees and back, WW2, American Hammers x3


NUMBERAMA:NAMERAMA: 14 with 1 FNG. Welcome Orbies

Thursday — 2ndF Lunch at Rusty Taco (Westchester). 11:45am
May 6th – CSAUP event, see slack / Gomer for details. Ruck, BootCamp, Relay Run.

How awesome was it to see 14 at The Old Hundred this morning. Hot Potato was on the Q. YHC started us off and never let it go. What a great morning to mix it up with a few triple checks to get the heart racing. Hermes and Yukon invited an FNG. Welcome Orbies. Several F3 guys are headed to the Rugged Manic with weekend. Good luck!

YHC took us out!



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