Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

California’s Green, Even When It’s Dark


One PAX hit the early morning surf in the latest edition of The Clinic. Temperatures were a pleasant 70 and sunny. According to the guy in the white pick up who takes out the trash at 0:dark thirty, the following may well have happened:

Short jog down the cliff trail to the beach. COP with SSHs, IWs, DQs, helicopters, HRMs.

Mosey down the beach road, then onto the sand, and up to the jetty rocks. 15 four-count exercises about every 50-75 meters. WWIIs, sand angels, Freddy Mercury. 20 Donkey kicks on the random Jersey Wall / retaining wall.

20 dips on the rocks.

Run on the beach, stopping every 50-75 meters for 15 four count exercises, or equivalent.

Exercises included hello dolly, HRMs, heels to Heaven, Rosalitas, Freddy’s, Carolina Dry Docks, monkey humpers, burpees, LBCs, and squats. Call it 20 stops northbound.

20 dips on the rocks at the north end.

Repeato on the return trip. Same mix of exercises, minus the burpees.

Round trip is about 3 miles.

Run the trail up to the hotel. YHC guesses 10-15% grade. It’s a whopper.

Number, name, YHC took himself out with a reminder to take care of friends. Best to Chippendale.

NMS: California is green. Literally. All that rain has made Southern California bloom. Flowers, grasses, bushes, and trees. If this continues, all will be good. If it dries out, big time fires next year. Yikes.


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