Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fall back to the bunker!


13 SOJ desperados mounted up for another Monday session at (whistles) THE ALAMO (whip snap)

Mosey around the parking area and enter the Tennis Court. Disclaimers, etc. 

Warmorama: SSH, Ukrainian Soldiers, Copper Head squats, Muricans, LBCs, “Duke” stretch left and right side, 60 seconds for Pax to stretch OYO. 

The thang: 

Part 1: Started out with a “lady of the night” four corners on the tennis court. Exercises were 10 squats/20 LBCs/30 Drydocks/40 SSH. Build up and build down.  

Part 2: For context, the parking lot at the Alamo is U-shaped, so I decided to kick off partner bear-crawl/lunge/broad jump burpees. My bad on this one guys…

We started at tennis court and worked our way towards dumpster. Audible for the next corner (in front of the Alamo.  Halfway through the broad jump burpees we switched to crawl bear. Made it to the final stretch and I decided to bring it all then way home. Finished up with backwards lunges to the end. Lots of grumbling. 

Part 3: Mosey to small hill behind Pool for 11s with Muricans and Sauats. 

20 count. Recover. Mosey to “the bunker”

Part 4: Bunker is the tunnel that goes underneath  Woolridge Road. 

Teams of 3. A man goes to opposite side of tunnel holds plank/B man holds squat position along the tunnel wall and shuffles to A man. C man performed flutters. Rotated several times through this and then back to flag. 

Part 5:  1 round of Murican Mary. 

Cool down with some stretches. 

Outro: Numbers and Names.  Welcome Adam aka  “Pelé” our newest member of the Pax. Name comes from his time spent in Brazil. 


  • OC has KB Q tmw
  • CSAUP at Godwin Highschool on May 6. See slack
  • SOJ get together last Friday. Lots of good stuff coming. 

Prayers – Wildcat took us out. Prayers for all in the Pax. Prayers for all the guys on IR. 

Other thoughts: Shout out to our Pax members Vagabond and McGruff who suggested the idea of the Alamo. It has been awesome having all these new guys out in the gloom. Would not have happened without that idea. 


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