Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

B L I M P’n ain’t easy.


5 desperados met at the Alamo for one last stand against the joys of weekend excess!

Warmorama: Jog to culdsesac some SSH and went over how to BLIMP. BLIMPS: Burpee-5x/Lunge-10x/Imperial Walker-10x/Merkin-10x/Plank Jacks-10x/Squats-10x.

Jogged around Rountrey about 3 miles and stopped in various culdesacs for around 6 rounds of BLIMPS.

New dude superlatives:

Comanche scout: Warby was part tour guide and scout. Now I know where Vagabond, Nap Pod and Warby live.

Safety Warden: Cookie wins the award this morning. He was rocking a pair of sporty safety glasses as way to avoid pollen in the eyes.

Names/Numbers. Wildcat took us out in prayer

Strong work today.


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