Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

March Madness, Reprise


Legend has it, here is how the story goes:

Johnny: “Timmy, did you hear what happened at recess today?”

Timmy: “No, did Handshake get caught looking up girls skirts again?”

Johnny: “Not that I know of… You know that older kid that complains a lot but tells those jokes he gets from GQ magazine?”

Timmy: “TYA?”

Johnny: “No, the other one he hangs out with…”

Timmy: “You must be talking about that Saab kid. I heard he wants to buy a british car when he turns 16. My dad says there may be something wrong with that kid.”

Johnny: “Yeah, my mom said he tried to take a girl on a date to see Stripes.”

Timmy: “Man, that’s a $100 shine on a $3 pair of shoes.”

Johnny: “Anyway, there was a pickup basketball game during recess today and that giant 3rd grader who looks like he’s 14 told Saab he had to play.”

Timmy: “Oh man, I wish I could have seen that…”

Johnny: “It was hilarious. Saab’s team started chucking balls from all over the place. I overheard him say he was only good for two things, catching and passing.”

Timmy: “I’d be surprised if that one-legged cheetah could even catch.”

Johnny: “Turns out you are right, kid couldn’t catch a turtle if it was walking right in front of him. Anyway, the teachers had blown their whistle to indicate recess was almost over. All I heard while they were playing was, ‘This game is stupid’, and ‘I was never good at this game’.

Timmy: “He will probably work in IT when he gets older.”

Johnny laughs uncontrollably

Johnny: “So true. Well… the clock was ticking and somehow Saab ended up with the ball. He took one dribble to about 10 feet and chucked it up.”

Timmy: “Let me guess, airball.”

Johnny: “That’s what I would have guessed if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes. The Dude made it!”

Timmy: “No way. You must have been talking about another kid. No way that kid made a basket.”

Johnny: “Swear on my Pokemon collection. He stepped back and drained it. Funny thing is, people didn’t even get excited. He just walked away.”

Timmy: “Legendary.”

Johnny: “Cool as a cucumber.”

Timmy: “I hope Sally got a picture of him to put in the yearbook. That’ll be a great story to tell when we make it to the big school, you know, middle school.”

Johnny: “Best recess ever.”

Timmy: “I have to go. Gotta get back to class. Have you seen my substitute?”

Johnny: “No, new?”

Timmy: “Oh yeah. I’ll fill you in on the bus.”


  • Single file run over to the basketball courts, where we stayed until the bell rang.
  • 4 left hand, 4 right hand layups
  • Line up in two horizontal lines facing the Q
  • 20x Invisible Jumpropes
  • 10x Don Quixotes
  • 15x High Knees
  • 10x Copperhead Squats
  • 15x Buttkickers
  • 10x Defensive slides
  • 10x Bobby Hurleys

The Thang

As a tribute to the introduction of the shot clock, we did 4 corners. 30 exercises at each corner of the basketball court. Merkins, LBCs, CDDs, Squats.

Huddle up around the goal for Halftime Entertainment. Everyone shoots a layup, free throw, and 3 pointer. Miss the layup and the group does 10 burpees, free throw 10 merkins, 3 pointer 10 squats. The group was 6/9 on layups, 2/9 on free throws, and 0/9 on 3 pointers. Lots of blame on the darkness and the light.

Senior superlatives were mixed in as well. Two seniors were highlighted. First was Antoine Davis. Antoine came up 3 points short of Pete Maravich’s all time collegiate scoring record of 3667 points. Antoine ended up with 3664. Close, but no cigar. Additional context, Antoine achieved his number in 5 years (including his additional COVID year). Pistol Pete did it in 3 as freshmen couldn’t play back then. 3 years, 40+ points a game, no 3 pointers. Let that sink in. 36 merkins, 67 SSHs as a tribute.

Second superlative was offered to Kihei Clark. Kihei broke the ACC record for most minutes played in his career (again, thanks to the additional COVID year). He played 5339 minutes, which by TYAs quick math is almost 90 hours. Crazy, over 5 years, 30 games a year, that only adds up to 90 hours of basketball. Anyway, apparently people keep track of that stat so we did 53 LBCs and 39 Jump Squats as a tribute.

This is where we broke up into teams of 3 and the above storyline played out.

Numbers, names, YHC took us out.


YHC appreciates those that posted but did not know what was in store for the day. It’s been 4 years since my last official March Madness Q at Mary. Stories were strong of years past. Great work everyone.

Welcome to the newcomers who hadn’t experienced a Q like this before. You are only limited by your own creativity!

Splinter out.


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