Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



So Fireman Ed is now 50. 14 stallions including the Fireman (who isn’t a Fireman) converged for a coupon disc golf extravaganza this morning at the wee hour of 5. Ed showed up around 4:45 to find a Woodfin truck and thought “Handshake is early” but it was the great Senor Frog. Once all the PAX gathered we did the following:

COP: DMH, HRMs, FMs (until multiple PAX sounded the gaseous trumpets), ACs.

Partner up. One partner has the coupon the other has the discs. Mosey to Club Vista.

Catch me if you can. P1: 5 burpees P2: Mosey with coupon. Switch once P1 catches up to P2. I was amazed with how fast the PAX were going with coupons. A couple looked faster with the coupon than without.

Mosey switching the coupon, drop off coupon go to hole 1. Hole 1 – Throw bear crawl and throw then bear crawl until you get the disc in the basket. Guessing about half par and half above par. Lunge to hole 2.

Hole 2 – Same as hole 1 but throw then bunny hop. after hole is complete 3 burpees per shot. Mosey to hole 18.

From the basket, wheelbarrow with partner to tee box or close to tee box. Throw shots back to basket. A direct hit was made to Handshake as he was going for his shot. It distracted him enough that he had trouble finding his disc. 10 merkins per shot after completing hole.

Mosey back to Club Vista Lane. Catch me if you can with 5 WWIIs. Then share block and go back to home base. Finished with American Hammers, Mountain Climbers and 50 APDs (getting me ready I think).

Announcements: Curahee anniversary with workout plus run/walk teams, Whitesnake goes Bluegrass event April 22, Friday is Ramm gears for amateurs with Huffys or other not so fancy bikes, and something I forgot (since I am 50).

It was great to have a nice turnout to celebrate a milestone. Thanks Kubota for the coupons and balloon. This is the third time in the last year plus that I have done disc golf at First Watch. It may be repetitive, but I enjoy it. Enjoy Spring and hopefully I will see you soon.


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