Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

March Madness Westham Style


How’s your bracket looking? No, not your men’s bracket. Your women’s NCAA bracket.

To honor the other March Madness Tournament (quick factoid…did you know that this is the first year the women have used March Madness for marketing their tournament? Depending on what half hearted internet research you do, you may find that the women originally didn’t want the phrase…that they wanted to do their own thing. That’s changed in recent years and now it’s all under one big March Madness Umbrella).

Anyway, to honor that bracket, we figured we’d all run through the women’s college part of the Westham neighborhood (although I don’t believe any of these colleges are playing this weekend in the D1 WBB Tournament).

The Thang…

Head towards the baseball parking lot and get to college (street number one with college ties). Take a right on University (street #2). Take University to Westham Parkway (street #3…West Ham College of Technology is in London).

From there…hang a right on Baldwin (Street #4).

4s–Right on Rock Creek (not a college). Right on Sweet Briar (Street #5), right on Woodberry (Street with college ties #6). Take that to Horsepen. Horsepen to Devon. Devon to Ridge Top. Left on Chandler. Right on Gardiner. Gardiner more or less dumps you out on the trail connecting to College. Head south on College through the baseball parking lot and back to the flag.

5s–The head to Hollins (Street #7). Right on Hollins, right on Woodberry, right on Sweet Briar back to Baldwin. Baldwin to Brookside (probably a college somewhere, right? #8). Brookside to Bryn Mawr (definitely a college #9). Bryn Mawr to Woodberry. Woodberry to Horsepen. Horsepen South all the way to the dorm cut through…back to the flag from college.

6s–Same as the 5s but then left on Devon, right on RTop…left on Chandler. Up Chandler. Back down Chandler. Left on Gardiner. Gardiner to College from the trail…from there, we were supposed to go up Boatwright…instead we just went to Towana and came back to the flag that way.

Lots of Hills. Go Baldwin!!


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