Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



During the workout, we were serenaded by The Beatles.

Help! I need somebody!
Help! Not just anybody!
Help! Me with my Kettlebell!

And then there was another Beatles classic:

Oh, yeah, I’ll tell you somethin’
I think you’ll understandWhen I say that somethin’I want to hold your Kettlebell.

OK, maybe those weren’t exactly the lyrics we listened to.

Who were the Beatles? Ask White Deer. He remembers. BTW. I’m disappointed he didn’t show up. I even played “When I’m 64”.

But the other white animal showed up. Along with 2/3s of VCU’s professoriate. And Atilla. But the lights didn’t show up. And so we began:

20 SSH, 20 IWs, hamstring stretch

Countdown: 20 Upright rows, 18 Deep Mountain Climbers (single count), 16 Upright rows, 14 Deep Mountain Climbers, etc.

Run around the island

20 Swings

20 Hammer Curls

20 Situps with KB anchoring your feet

20 Triceps

20 Sit and press

20 Press

20 Squats Goblet

Run around the island

11s Squats and Curls with Rifle carry between locations

Run around the island

11s Swings and Triceps with waiter carry between locations

Run around the island

Stretch (right hand/right foot, left hand/left foot)

Leg lift to count of 60

numberama, namerama, announcements:

Look for 3rd F: Whitesnake’s Blues concert, April 22nd.

Takeout by YHC


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