Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Must have been my musk


4 gentlemen of SOJ met in the gloom to sling some iron around and 1 reluctantly joined since no other runners posted to keep him company. Carry said iron around to the back of the school in various holds. Brief warm up before the quintuple check – Timer runs to the playground for 5 pulls ups – others do presses, around the world, plank pull through, and goblet squats. Stopped at 3 rounds to have more time for other fun stuff. More carries to the bus loop – slow rows, slow presses, and maybe something else.

More carrying to the seldom used grass area in front of the school for 11s – Sit N Press, Curls. Shoulders thoroughly exhausted and back to the flag.

There may have been 13 and 15 reps of the warm up exercises to celebrate/lament the upsets of UVA and Arizona yesterday.


Tomorrow 3/18 – Boberry and Doublemint to Ruck/Talk Qsource weekly at 6am before RockNRoll

Monday 3/20 – Vagabond leads the charge at The Alamo – relocation of Satans Hill to the Rountrey clubhouse

Thursday 3/23 – Oyster’s Payin‘ – Lunch Southside Wongs Tacos 11:45

Today – Happy St. Patricks Day


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