Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flex Friday St Patrick’s Day


A good turnout of 9(originally 8 Hardywood was a little late. When I saw his vehicle, I went “who in the blue hell is this?”). The idea today after yesterday’s training for the 2024 Olympics in the 4×400 relay(lets not quit the day job), come back and take it easy. I wanted to work on a few things that we normally don’t do and hit areas that we all need(trust me, older we get anything to help keep the muscles loose is a plus.

Warm-up: SSH, Don Quixote, Helicopters, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead squats, Merkins, LBCs, Alabama Prom Dates, then a little stretching. Time to mosey to the coupins to choose wisely.

The idea today was for 2 to go to the battle ropes(I have 2, they are not the same). One works on the battle ropes, the other picks up the 50 pound sandbag then runs down to the stop sign and back. When the one person returns, switch up. Back at the coupins, we started off the exercises with presses, after a little bit switched it up to bent over rows. Next group went(group that stayed did a 3 part squat: regular, regular w/ calf raise, then a jump squat with coupin). Next 2 up, then to WW2s with a press to the left, middle and right(not so easy). the next group since we had an odd number 3 went(we then hit the biceps and triceps w/ curls and tricep extensions in one move).

Second round: whatever battle rope you didn’t use the first time(you used it the second time around). This time we started off with rock-copters, as we kept going adding exercises such as the triple lunge(lunge forward, backwards and side). The side ones we don’t do much that works the side plus hips and allows that extra movement. Getting to the end, focus more on slower movements such as curls, deep squat holds(keeping the body straight up which will work the core and hips more) plus slow presses(5 count down, 5 up trying to really extend at the top). Everyone did their 2 rounds, put the rocks back and a little mosey to the rails

Jerkins were next….a little twist where you grabbed the feet so you really focused on the back, upper body plus works a little grip. Each person did 2 rounds, back to the flag to grab a band for some extended stretching. Take the band on the foot…..then worked your legs to the sides(work on the stretch plus relax into it to help elongate the muscles) holding it for a minute or a little more. A final thing of 10 quick merkins and finished on time

Counts, announcements and prayer from YHC

Monday… AO at Rountry(Alamo) looks to be a big turnout. Saturday they need someone for Dogpile so sign up please. Rock n Roll we have a ruck starting at 6am, a pre workout run at 630, then the workout at 7. If you signed up for Rugged(start the training what we do is great just keep going). If you want to sign up, I think I have something coming for 10% off which will help the costs. Enjoy the day, watch lots of games and see you tomorrow


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