Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

DaPile HP Fun


4 brothers showed up for this morning’s DaPile fun and here is what went down:


So we made the Q a Hot Potato for Saturday, we like this as the workout gets hard with the rotation of the Q and this workout was no exception. Bulkhead starts us off with some initial warm ups 20 SSH, 10 Helicopters, 15 imperial walkers, then we begin to mosey and do a routine at each stopping point along the way, first stop we start with 20 merkins, second stop 20 LBC’s third stop alternating lunges, 4th stop at the track area and we Bernie Saunders to fence at top of hill. We pass over the Helix, we run to bottom of Trail by Football field. We partner up and P1 runs to gate and back, P2 – Polar Bears toward gate. We swap P2 runs to gate and back while P1 Polar Bears. Same trade where P1 runs to gate and back P2 Bear Crawls flap jack then P1 runs to gate and back P2 walking lunges flap jack and we are done with this routine. Mosey to bottom of hill pass on to Mr. Holland. So we continue on the X/C trail and cut over to Honey Meadows in the Cul de Sac we perform 5 burpees, then mosey to next intersection for 20 merkins. Mosey to next intersection and perform 20 merkins opposite from previous for each man. (Mr Holland noticed some did ranger style with elbows in and some did elbows out last rotation). Mosey to next intersection and 20 American Hammers, Mosey to next intersection and 20 WW2 Sit ups, Mosey to turn circle and we bear crawl around circle. Mosey to intersection of the entry to Honey Meadows and we perform all of the exercises (5 Burpees, 20 merkins(10 of each type), 20 American Hammers, 20 WW2 SU. Passed to Corned Beef. Mosey to brick wall of Elementary School, for rotating wall sit. In this routine, everyone does a wall sit, first person performs 5 donkey kicks, then back to wall sit while second person does 5 DK’s. continue down the line for one set. STAYING in wall sit, we do this 2 more sets. We then Moesy to the track and partner up. P1 runs lap around track as the timer, P2 performs 5 hanging leg lift from pull up bar, 5 Squats and 5 merkins (continuing this rotation while P1 is running lap). We switch with P2 running lap and P1 performing the exercises. We have 5 minutes left after one rotation so we mosey back to flag. Man did we push today…what a hot potato!

So we numberama, namerama and Helix took us out in prayer.


We had our 2nd F at local cup as this is tradition after a DaPile workout and gather to catch up for the week. Even though the numbers were small today, we crushed the morning with a great beatdown and this was out toast to the weekend. Way to work gents and I will see you in the gloom. Anyone from the southern regions are welcome to visit and we will treat you to some great coffee and conversation…after a nice beatdown of course!



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