Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

One trick pony, huh?


Another fine day out the in sun with 7 dudes today at the one and only Source of Truth.

5:30 a.m. and only 4 dudes joined me (Snuff, Hardywood, Bullseye, and Purple Rain) for a quick lap around the track. Across the gloom we spy two sets of head lights….and it’s our amigo Oyster with a friendly new guy.

Warmorama: SSH (20x), Ukrainians (20x), DQ (10x), Calf-raises OYO (20x), Merkins (10x), Plank (Left/Right Hand high), APD (20x), Flutters (20x), Duke stretch (both sides).

Eye of the Storm: Start one more mosey around the track. I pose the question, what’s worse a “beast or a storm.” I just heard grumbles from the Pax…they both suck, etc. Ok – “Eye of the Storm” it is….Oyster called me out for being a “one trick pony.” Fair point…but it is a personally favorite after getting and introduction by Mr. Rogers at Dog Pile.

Run to the center of the football field. Instructions to Pax:

4 corners/4 exercises (LBCs – 40x/Merkins – 10x/Squats – 30x/SSH – 20x). Start in middle of the field perform 5 burpees, run to each corner and back for 5 more burpees (total of 25).

Hill Bear Crawls: Make our way to the small hill. Perform 5 rounds of bear crawls up the hill. Before each bear crawl up the hill, Pax performed various called out exercises, which included Merkins/Drydocks/Heals to Heaven/Lunges/something else (I forgot). Once you get the top of the hill, mosey back down to starting point.

Quick 4 corners on the tennis court “lady of the night” style: Make our way to the tennis courts. Build up from corner 1 to 4 with returns each time, performing SSH/Squats/Mountain Climbers and finally the crowd favorite burpees. Looked like this:

  1. 10 x SSH/10x Squats
  2. 10 x SSH/10x Squats/10 x SSH/10x Squats/10x SSH
  3. 10 x SSH/10x Squats/10 double-count MC/10x Squats/10x SSH
  4. 10 x SSH/10x Squats/10 double-count MC/5x burpees/10 double-count MC/10x Squats/10x SSH

Boom. Time. Back to flag.

Numbers/Names: Hey FNG! Alexander (Alex) came out today. He is a friend of Hardywood. Alex is from Serbia and has been in the U.S. for 11-years. He is dad and a computer programmer. His new name is SWORDFISH (reference: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0244244/). We look forward to seeing him out at SOT every Wednesday (he lives around the corner).

Announcements: .

Rock and roll –> Q-source Ruck at 6:00 a.m. Rock and Roll. 6:30 a.m. pre-run at Rock and Roll.

2nd F Lunch –> Next Thursday at the Wong’s Tacos (near triple crossing)

Prayers – Florence took us out (thanks dude). Prayers for those on IR. Pray to keep getting the Pax out there.


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