Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Avoid the Suck


A full house hand of Aces and Jokers fought off the comfort and dryness of the fart sack to embrace the damp and cooler conditions of Tuckahoes darkest AO. Daylight savings would not hold these fine gents back. This is what was rumored to have occurred according to the safety cone placement specialist.

Short Mosey over to the covered office park pavilion. Salutations and introductions ensued followed by quick warm up of SSH’s, Helis, Dead Man Hang, LBC’s, Dying Cockroaches, Suzanne Summers and light stretching. All seemed warm short mosey to the rear church lot


Church Lot 11’s: 10 Lt Dans at far end, 1 curbside merkin at the near end. 9/2, 8/3…. Good times had by all.

Burpee Alley: Short mosey over to Silverspring Drive. As we wandered down the street brocode style, lets stop at every vehicle for an exercise: SUV = 1 burpee, car = 1 merkin, truck = 1 squat. Double the count if vehicle is parked on the street. Lots of SUVs. Continue this across Forest Avenue past EHarmony’s house and onto Paris Ave/Hepler Rd. Modify to SUV = Imperial Walkers (2 count), Car = Mountain Climbers (2 count), Truck = Monkey Humpers. Double the count for road vehicles.

Quintuple Check: Upon arriving back at the school, quick 2 rounds of 5 exercises along the bus loop. Timer runs the loop. Exercises included Balls to the Wall, Peoples Chair, LBC’s & APD’s.

BTTF for numbers, names, announcements. YHC took us out.


Splinter is running a March Madness Bracket. $10 gets you in, see slack for details.

Tuckahoe Lunch Crew meeting on Tuesday at Firehouse at noon. See Pigskin for deets.

NMS: This morning was tough. Wet, cool and dark. Great turn out considering the conditions. Showcase is in town from Bristol, VA for training all week and might show up at AO’s around the regions (specifically SOJ). Word of the day was to stay dry, and was mostly accomplished. Conditions were misty but not unbearable. Thank you gents for showing up on the truly gloomy morn.


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