Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Over the James


8 men of F3 ready to take on the day.

WARMARAMA: Mosey down to the toll parking lot for some warmarama.
SSH, Helicopters, Arm Circles, Monkey Humpers, Imperials Walkers, Copperhead Squats, Merkins, LBC, Heals to Heaven.

The Thang:
Over the James:
10 Merkins every light pole, wait for the six at the end.
Back Across the bridge, Alternate – 10 Squats Jumps, 10 Squats every light pole.

Mosey to Love Hill:
Lunges 30 yards
Native American Run to the Garden
Mosey to the Fish Bowl.

Jacobs Ladder (Splinter choose a hill)
Start at the bottom and run to the top of the hill 1 Burpee, back down the hill.
Back to the top 2 Burpees, back down the hill.
Back to the top 3 Burpees, back down the hill.
Repeat until you complete 7 Burpees.
Mosey to the field.

4 Corners
Corner 1: 10 Merkins
Corner 2: 20 Dying Cock Roaches
Corner 3: Partner up – 30 PLTs
Corner 4: Partner up – 40 Boxing cock roaches
Mosey to the amphitheater – detour to the circle

Quad Check – 2 rounds
Partner 1: Flutter Kicks
Partner 2: American Hammers
Partner 3,4: 2 laps around the circle:
Switch for 2 rounds

Mosey BTTF for 3 minutes of Mary
Deadman hang, Reach for the sky, DQ


NMS: It’s a beautiful day and the sun is still shining over the James. With the sun coming up an audible was called and a mosey to the bridge was added to the playlist. Covered a little over 3 miles of ground today, well done boys. Jacob’s ladder was no joke.

Good Luck to all those running Bear Creek Tomorrow. Get after it!
Breaking Bread – See Q sheet for sign ups.
2nd F Lunch: 3/14 Firehouse Subs (Innsbrook)
2nd F lunch – 3/23 Wongs Tacos (Midlothian)

YHC took us out. Thank you for letting me lead today.



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