Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Ominous Donkey


All of us have to face the Ominous Donkeys in our lives. Maybe it’s in the form of job uncertainty or family struggles. Or maybe it’s in the form of a literal donkey on Robious Road neighing in an unsettling tone while you’re going for a run. Well that’s precisely what happened to Boberry and Draper this morning on their 5 mile run. Here’s what the rest of our metaphorical Ominous Donkeys looked like :

Doublemint : 2 mile ruck

Footloose, Orange Crush, Rosie, Florence : Performed the following Kettle Bell circuit as many times as possible without stopping –

15 Overhead Press

15 Curls

15 Overhead Tricep Extension

15 Behind the Back Wrist Curls

15 Merkins

15 LBCs (Focus on your abs doing the work without any help from your arms and moving your body straight up rather than crunching)

2 minutes of People’s Chair (Shoulder Blades only touching the wall. Deep squat)

15 Calf Raises on the curb

(Completed the full circuit above 6 times before time expired)


Numbers, Names, YHC took us out in prayer

Announcements : SOJ happy hour this evening at Diamond Billiards. Get there whenever you can. Some will arrive as early as 5 pm. We’re usually there until 9’ish pm.

Doublemint is organizing a 3rd F team to participate in the Virginia Home “Walk and Roll” pushing residents in wheel chairs on a walk for about the distance of a 5k. Event takes place Sat 4/15. Contact Doublemint if you’re interested. YHC plans on participating.

Mon 3/20 Vagabond is leading the Monday Satan’s Hill transition from New Market to the adjacent neighborhood at Rountrey

Starting Sat 3/18, Boberry and Doublemint are transitioning their Q Source ruck from Wednesdays to Saturdays at 6 am during the Morning Wood Ruck

NMMS : Great day today brothers. The wrist curls and People’s Chair were unwelcome hits this morning. See y’all at Diamond Billiards tonight!


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